How To Create A Facebook Ads Frequency Cap

How To Create A Facebook Ads Frequency Cap

Want to know how to create a Facebook ads frequency cap?

In this video I walk you through the process of creating Facebook ads frequency caps, step-by-step.

Frequency caps on Facebook help you limit the number of times your target audience see your ads.

This is particularly important if you want to prevent Facebook ad fatigue, which can have a big impact on your campaigns.

Here I create an example Reach campaign on Facebook and discuss the pros and cons of various Facebook ad frequency cap settings.

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7 Thoughts to “How To Create A Facebook Ads Frequency Cap”

  1. Thanks for watching guys! Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

  2. May I ask you something about Facebook Ads? I cannot advertise anymore due to circumventing system policy what should I do?

  3. Great video Ben, thank you for all the value you are providing to us. One question: I think I didn´t understand very well but is that frequency gap option only available when we run reach campaigns? I have some conversions compaigns running but I can´t find it anywhere.

  4. Interesting. The first time i hear about this. I wand to understand. More.
    Thank you

  5. hey,, i intend to know,, how i get specefic audience,,, let it say,,, i am indian,,i plan to run my ads from india but my target audience is Usa-indian citizen /people who are living in usa…is it possible that types of ads?

  6. Did you see any changes in FB ads in the last few weeks ?. My conversion rate dropped significantly, I check every stats, CPM, CTR, CPC. The CPC become expensive and the conversion dropped like crazy. I thought that's because of people tired of seeing my ads but it was not. I checked the frequency and it's still ok. Not only me, but there's many people facing the same issue. I think FB there's changes in FB algorithm.

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