How To Create A Facebook Ad 2020 – From Start To Finish

How To Create A Facebook Ad 2020 - From Start To Finish

Become a Facebook ads expert in one video! How to create a Facebook ad!
πŸ’₯ Free Facebook Ads Training ➜ ➜ ➜

I’m Kevin David and my last video on Facebook ads was the most viewed video on YouTube and I am to do the same thing with this one, where I show you how to become an expert at Facebook Ads in 2020 and make money online working from home in one video!

On the Kevin David channel I show you tons of material on how to make money with digital marketing and SMMA including Facebook ads, and this beginners tutorial on Facebook ads shows you step by step how to find profitable and proven ads and run them!

Check out all the videos on the Kevin David channel and learn how to make money online so you can become financially free and work for yourself and work from home!

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43 Thoughts to “How To Create A Facebook Ad 2020 – From Start To Finish”

  1. πŸ’₯ Free Facebook Ads Training ➜ ➜ ➜

  2. Thanks that was informative

  3. Yeah,…easy peasy…very good informative video!!!!

  4. Hi your videos was really helpfull.thank you so much
    Resubscribe me on my channel too.😊thank you

  5. Actually,
    I just posted an ad for my store just by looking at this video.
    Amazing free content, keep sharing @kevindavid!!


  7. Great video!

    So now there's close to 500 comments, are you gonna release maybe half of that video you mentioned in this video?

  8. Sir I need an help because we don't have money.can you say how to get money from youtube.

  9. B

    Hey Kev, so you wouldn't use engagement anymore?

  10. Great tips for my facebook ad accounts

  11. Very helpful and easy and strait to point. good job and looking forward for your new videos

  12. This video is fit for me,
    I dont know to promote my online business.
    Thanks for this wondelful and helpful video πŸ™

  13. in the Identity section where you can choose Facebook page or Instagram, Can you also choose your website?

  14. β€œNever lose hope.
    Storms make people stronger and never last forever.”
    S ellval.c om << This is my #1 recommendation if you're starting online. this generates me over 50 bucks daily easily.

  15. Great information. Not sure if I should use 'Traffic' or 'Conversion' as I want to send people to my latest book on Amazon?

  16. Sir
    I watched your video for the first time today and its better than anyone else !! You provide free and usefull information. I have recently start doing social media marketing but i confused over many things if you are kind enough teach me some methods on insta, fb anywhere it will be a great help !

  17. I liked and subbed. This was actually good info

  18. Too fast how do you link your website to facebook. confusing

  19. please make another video showing us more in detail! Thanks! Just Liked!

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