How To BUY 10% Discount Gift Card Using Bitcoin ! #dropshipping #eBay

How To BUY 10% Discount Gift Card Using Bitcoin ! #dropshipping #eBay

Hello friends!
Do u want to know how you can get 5k profit from Dropshipping then I will show u the trick which is used by me that will increase your dropshipping profit margins by over 5000.
I will explain everything step by step so that everyone can get the benefit of this video, if u have any question u can ask in comment and I will answer that .
This video show you the easiest way to get 10% Discunt Gift Cards using Bitcoins.

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How I Learned Ebay Dropshipping

1.) Paul J Lipsky’s Dropshipping Titans Course

2.) Tom Comiers Dropshipping University Course

How I learned Amazon Dropshipping

1.)Paul J Lipsky’s Amazon Dropshipping Course

2.) Amazon Domination Course *Highly Recommend


(New)Manual Method**
Top Tools I use to Dropship to Ebay

1.) zik analytics:

** number 1 tool for finding hot and profitable items(Old)Top Tools I Use to Dropship to eBay

2.) trackerjack:
** number 1 resource to get top rated seller status

3.) Cashback Websites!
ebates** highly recomend when dropshipping

4.) Cashback Websites!
Mr rebates! i have claimed over 3k from this site alone

5.) Earny Cashback Monitor!!


**Top Tools Automated Ebay Dropshipping Method
1.) Sale Freaks:
**advanced lister/repricer/ auto ordering tool

2.)zik analytics:
** number 1 tool for finding hot and profitable items

3.) Arbiship:
** multiple listing software auto ordering system

** number 1 resource to get top rated seller status

** number 1 back up software to help with auto ordering

** number 1 bookkeeping software

7.) Accounting Software:
** Paired with Godaddy for accurate daily accounting

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This is my part two Series of how i Use discounted gift Cards to increase my profit margins when dropshipping on Ebay Using the Manual Dropshipping method.

In this video the following Steps are gone over
1.) how to properly Buy Discounted gift Cards using Bitcoin.
-There are a lot of ways to buy bitcoin however there are specific ways in which you can buy bitcoin and generate the most profit without incurring any hidden fees while being able to utilize your money in a short period of time.

Here is the process. Using your bank account you want to do a wire transfer and deposit money from your bank account into your coinbase account, once your money is in your coinbase account you then want to transfer it into your coinbase pro account, using your coinbase pro account you then will purchase the coins either litecoin bitcoin or bitcoincash and then transfer them back to your coinbase account, once they are in your coinbase account you can then transfer them to card bazaar where you can finally purchase your discounted gift cards at 10%. This video goes over the process in detail to make sure you understand completely how to buy discounted gift cards.

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    Thank you for this video, the tips and solid advice. It's a great guide to knowing if and when to use Bitcoin and how to begin.

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