How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch (2020)

How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch (2020).

Whether you need a professional website for your new business idea, or you just want to build a website for the fun of it… You’ll learn everything you need to know in this tutorial.

We’re going to cover the entire process, step by step, and in a way that anyone should be able to follow along with.

Even if you have zero previous experience, and all you’ve used a computer for is sending emails and watching YouTube videos…

You should still have no problems building a WordPress website!


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Here’s a list of everything covered in the tutorial, and you can click the timestamps to be brought to that part in the video.

00:00 Intro
00:35 Website Tour
03:07 The Main Checklist
05:22 Registering Domain Name & Web Hosting
10:40 Logging into HostGator cPanel
11:45 Installing WordPress (HostGator cPanel)
14:56 Deleting Demo Content & Plugins
17:02 Changing our WordPress Theme (Rocked Theme)
19:08 Customising the “Rocked” WordPress Theme
31:15 Installing the “Classic Editor” Plugin
32:19 Adding Pages (Text, Images, Links, etc)
41:33 Pages VS Posts (Quick Explanation)
42:24 Adding Blog Posts (Categories, Tags, Featured Images, etc)
47:41 Changing our Websites Fonts & Font Sizes
52:55 Creating a Custom Navigation Menu
56:38 Changing our WordPress Sidebar (using Widgets)
01:01:34 Adding a Simple Contact Form
01:04:18 Linking our CTA Button on the Homepage
01:05:21 Congratulations on building a WordPress website from scratch!

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Now you might be wondering why you should use WordPress to build your website, instead of one of the other platforms, like Wix or Square Space?

Well, personally I’ve been using WordPress for 7+ years at the time of writing this, and can tell you from experience that it just keeps getting better!

It’s the same platform trusted by businesses like CNN, FORBES, and EBAY…

And celebrities such as JAY-Z & KATY PERRY to name just a few.

Here’s the full list of WordPress Notable Users:

Oh, and just so you know that I’m not being bias, I’ve used Wix to create a few different sites in the past, and even created a tutorial on how to use it on another channel of mine.

I’ve also used Square Space & Weebly as well, although admittedly not quite as much as WordPress and Wix.

But from the experience I have, I can tell you that WordPress is not only the best choice for anyone wanting to create their own, professional website, but it’s also the easiest to learn, and the cheapest to maintain!


Just hit play, and we can start building YOUR WordPress website… TOGETHER!

Until Next Time,


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30 Thoughts to “How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch (2020)”

  1. Any links to the images used in this tutorial?

  2. Hi, fantastic video. Are you likely to be creating any new WordPress content in the future? I am quite new to WordPress, and have watched many tutorials and found yours to be really easy to understand, and very well explained. I am considering buying the generatepress premium, or Avada theme, which one would be better to go with in your opinion? Any advice greatly appreciated.

  3. Are you still helping people? I am pretty new to WordPress and have a few questions if you wouldn't mind 🙂

  4. Hello, thank you for this awesome tutorial, but I think you forgot to mention the steps on how to put the page name on the top header Menu (i.e. About Us, Contact Us, etc.). My home page's menu bar was empty following your tutorial on creating a page.

  5. I like the way you explain brother. Thanks a lot!

  6. Very nice tutorial. I hope you have some more on plugins specific to inventory.

  7. Love the video, nice speed and your voice is very listernable! Do you have any specific videos on stuff like menus or more on forms etc? Great work man!

  8. A huge thank you for this video. I was – ridiculously – losing sleep over setting up my first WordPress site as I was getting nowhere. After reading so many guides I was just getting further and further into confusion. Your video explains it in a way that even I can follow and understand. Site now created so just need to start adding my content. Thanks again. Really appreciate your help.

  9. three words, "You are Awesome"

  10. Great job…easy to follow and understand!!! Exactly what I was looking for 🙂

  11. Please make more videos on how to make this website advanced.

  12. Thank a lot man. Really appreciated your explanation.

  13. This video guide is brilliant! I had to build a new website in a hurry and had absolutely no idea how to do is. Within a few days it is ready to go live – I just have 3 issues that I don't understand how to sort: 1. I don't know the URL for my email so can't put that in. 2. I have added links (to open in new tabs) on a page – and they work – but they don't 'wrap around', i.e. they go all the way off the page to the right. 3. I have set up a Contact Form on a Contact Us page, but I have no idea where the form will go when clicking Send – I don't know where to put in my email address. Apart from those, it's fab! And such a relief! I really didn't think I could do it – with your expert, clear help, I've done it!

  14. Hi, my trouble is that the login button has become invisible on mobile devices, unless I turn it around to 'landscape' mode. Any suggestions to fix this? Thanks

  15. shout out marty! he delivered the best tutorial i have heard in a while. awesome tutorial. Small challenge i am having though would it be asking too much to reach you (p.s please can i get your email address to message you if it is nor asking too much)

  16. The fact that you actually showed the hosting "boring stuff" is just amazing. Most tutorials just start at wordpress dashboard

  17. I spent 8 hours yesterday on videos and made very little progress to using WordPress. I did get it installed but was trying to add content and get rid of pictures and didn't have an editor installed. I am trying to get a blog set up for my business, I am a Stampin! Up! demonstrator so there are lots of pictures involved and new ones added quite often. I still have a lot to do, but you definitely made me know I can do this. Las night I was ready to give up on it. THANK YOU. I am going to watch some more videos later today.

  18. A great tutorial! Greetings from Romania!

  19. Can you please guide, i did everything as you show on your video, but at the end of the page there is a grey head in that there´s written Find US and address of the UK in main page, i can´t remove that and i can´t find where i can change that, please guide.

  20. My logo looks so small. Anyone know if there is a way to make it bigger!?!?

  21. e m

    Don’t see anything being built, just choosing from what they provide no actual coding or anything like that. Lol

  22. Fab, explained slowly and clearly.

  23. I had gone through your free course on udemy and the experience and learning was great!
    Thank you so much sir!
    Love from India 😇❤️
    I came to know about this channel by udemy. Thanks for the free course sir!

  24. Thank you for your easy to understand and follow tutorial video.

  25. A quick question, can we change the theme if we already have some pages written in different themes? Will the pages will automatically move the new theme ?

  26. You are genius, and helping tons of people, thanks

  27. Hey can anyone help.
    Why when im using my logo from canva is it going on my page really small. it started off 500×500 then iv tried it all the way up to 1500×1500. byt it keeps loading in the same size.

  28. Thank God I came across this site. Very easy to understand and follow, (I think) I got myself WordPress, Bluehost and watched lots of how to clips and sat thinking to myself. I will never get this!. Then I came across this. Step-by-step, easy to follow. I am now going to go ahead and work out my content before using this to go ahead. I need to look at an estore/shop also. Thank you Marty "lets do this"

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