How to Build a Content Team: Producer FT. Devin Nash

How to Build a Content Team: Producer FT. Devin Nash

Devin Nash Describes what the future of his stream holds. The Lab will be hiring additional talent. A Producer to manage Micro Content, (Short Clips) taken from 4 + hour shows.

A community member sends him over 30 clips taken from a 5 hours show. Head Hunter fee a person that submit clips that end up getting upload or use by Devin Nash. Devin takes a look back at history (Mylixia) when he was Featured as a Streamer on the LoL (League of legends) page. He talks about the copywriting he wrote for the Riot Games post.

This is a clear example by Devin Nash on building a content team. Here he is talking about a micro content producer that will be tasked with organizing (Short Clips). These clips can later be shared on platforms such as Linkedin, Tiktok, Instagrams, facebook.

“How To Make 64 Pieces Of Content In A Day”

Short clips are a great example of content type # 7 Live Streaming & #11 VIdeo Micro-Content from garyvee’s new content model “How To Make 64 Pieces Of Content In A Day”.

1. Documenting long-form content
2. Creating contextualized short clips for media
3. Distributing them across all relevant social platforms.

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