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28 thoughts on “How to Become A TOP RATED PLUS SELLER DROPSHIPPING On eBay

  1. Great video on behind the scenes of drop shipping. Thank you, Tyler!

  2. Love the video Tyler great content appreciate the value keep them coming

  3. Tyler

    I can supply you 100 fake trackings daily that you can enter on your orders and all the trackings will be USPS express trackings which will deliver in 2 days for sure. Please contact me at 347-349-1863

  4. I don't get the big deal about it coming from Amazon. You paid x amount for y and got what you purchased. Who gives a crap… Technically all the items originally come from the manufacturer. So stupid.

  5. Thank you for this video. Mainly because I have been searching for a course on how to hire, manage and train VAs and I have not been able to find an affordable one. I have been dropshipping for a while and the tasks are getting overwhelming for me. Thank you.

  6. i got drop shipped on a few days ago… item came from lowes. I had to laugh a little lol

  7. What's up Tyler I like all you helpful content on DS!! I currently sell on Ebay and have managed to get 100+ positive reviews and top rated seller status selling sourced goods from thrift store/sale Etc..but with my current situation I don't have the time to do this model and would love to transition to full time droppshipping!! What's your thoughts on using a new store or established store with positive??? And thanks a bunch!!!

  8. Hi, tyler is it best to have a walmart account or just purchase as a guest?

  9. We are doing fake rackings for years. Since 2014 I guess.. About item location totally not true if you this it will hurt your search ranking. Actually eBay shipping system never works properly. Don't trust to eB reps because most of the times they can say different opinion for the same issue.

  10. Hey Tyler I think you will find this interesting. I found a seller who has TRS Plus status. Selling all the same stuff as me and I know it's just not possible to get that legitimately. I got lucky and found that the site he was hosting the images for the listing template had an open directory where he kept all of his store procedures and staff instructions for his VA's… Super detailed even flow charts on how to do everything. His flow was "Buy cheap gift for customer to get tracking number to upload to ebay. Later upload real tracking number and have carrier return gift back to sender" His whole business strategy was laid out. Not sure how he thinks he will get away with it or how his account has not been banned. Anyway, ironically he went into vacation mode for 10 days but didn't hide his listings so people were still buying. His TRS status is now gone.

  11. Someone posted a service on FB a while back that is allowing sellers to upload any valid/recent UPS tracking # and then it scrapes/generates several similar/valid tracking numbers the seller can use to upload to eBay. This is one way they're doing this. It is interesting to see how it all works, with uploading the fake one and then providing the correct one later. I wonder how long eBay will let this happen?

  12. Anybody else really anxious the entire time to see what Tyler bought? Hahaha

  13. Hi tyler, will you ever do a video showing how to create the excel sheet you have from scratch? Im having trouble making one. If you would that'd be great Thank you!

  14. My top rating status is not fake! But I think this makes sense as I would think eBay would only verify tracking numbers when there was a problem or dispute.

  15. Yeah, the only way they get top rated plus is to put fake tracking. I am surprised ebay still allows this, its kind of ridiculous lol.

  16. Tyler I am subscribed to Ebay's YT channel and they just uploaded a video about a new tool they offer called "volume pricing". What do you think of it? I wonder if the repricing tool owners are going to integrate this into their software? https://youtu.be/Zz4PXOZdLUY

  17. Tyler I am subscribed to Ebay's YT channel and they just uploaded this video about volume pricing. What do you think of this? I wonder if the repricing tool owners will integrate this into their software? https://youtu.be/Zz4PXOZdLUY

  18. A couple of questions Tyler

    1) is it true that amazon have delays uploading tracking number
    2) does it affect your seller status when u upload tracking number late cuz mines like 99% success rate on uploading tracking numbers
    3) does Amazon really take pictures of your item on your porch and leaves it like that
    what if someone steals it cuz mine usually is delivered on hand and if the customer ask me where the item is,i usually contact walmart (and they dont send me a picture),they send me the buyer's signature and name as a proof

    sorry for the long message

  19. Did you know that AMZN has a service to fulfill Ebay orders? It's used by Ebay sellers that have physical inventory but would rather pay AMZN to handle it. The next time a customer comments about the item showing up in an AMZN box you can simply tell them that you use multiple fulfillment services to pack and deliver your merchandise and that's "TECHNICALLY" not a lie. ? If you'd like to read more about the service, here's the link https://blog.edesk.com/resources/ebay-fulfillment-amazon-fba

  20. A F

    I don't see many top rated plus drop shippers. Is top rated all that important?

  21. i would like to see videos on your entire ebay settings and preferences including business policies

  22. excellent video with multiple locations and activities!!!

  23. That’s sneaky of the seller deliberately using incorrect tracking # to be a top rated plus seller.

  24. concerning the ship from location vs. metrics – eBay told me that having "many locations USA" in my settings/on my listing would hurt my search ranking. That choosing a single zip code for the "ship from" would help, and it did. The downside is if a buyer lives close by the listing will read "Arrives in 4 days" when my settings are for 8. But just having a fixed zip as your "ships from" is what helps, even though it's never true.

  25. Nice! Keep the videos coming!

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