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How to Backup Your WordPress Website in 5 Min | 2019

How to Backup Your WordPress Website in 5 Min | 2019

Hey guys! In this video I’m going to show you How to Backup Your WordPress Website for FREE in less than 5 min!

So backing up your website simply means saving a copy of your website at a designated date and time, so that if your website crashes or you aren’t happy with some recent changes you’ve made, you can restore the backup to recover your website.

I highly recommend backing up your website regular, and here’s why:

1. Updates can go wrong.
Plugins and themes require occasional updates, and an update can sometimes cause your website to break.

2. Getting hacked is an unfortunate possibility.

3. You could miss a payment.
Maybe you got a new card and forgot to update your billing info with your hosting company and now your website is removed.

4. Things just happen.
Random errors and crashes can come out of no where and for seemingly no reason. So it’s always a good idea to back up your site.

So you can backup your WordPress website 4 easy steps.

Step #1 Install the Backup Plugin
The plugin we will be installing is called Updraft. Simply go to plugins, then add new, then search for “updraft”. Then install and activate it.

Step #2 Take a Backup
All you have to do is click the “Backup Now” button (:

Step #3 Schedule an Automatic Backup
To schedule an automatic backup, we just have to go to the settings and set the interval you want your automatic backups to occur. Then you just have to choose a remote storage to hold the backups.

So how do we use the backup? Well that brings us to…

Step #4 Restore a Backup
Restoring a backup is easy. Just go to “existing backups” and click on “restore” for any backup you’d like to recover. That’s it!

If you’re migrating your website to a new domain or hosting plan, then all you have to do is re-download the Updraft plugin on the domain, and then click on on the link that says “rescan for remote backups” at the bottom, and this will locate your backups stored on your google drive.

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    At about 3:29 in this video, you talk about restoring files. You said, "What if you goofed up and deleted your home page." Then you show how to recover it by going to an older copy of your backups and clicking restore. You selected everything available in your backup file. Would that then restore EVERYTHING in your website to it's state at the time of that old backup? In other words, if you added or deleted plugins or added, deleted or changed the content of your site's blog posts or pages – those would ALL be reverted back to the date of the backup you just restored. If you did significant changes to your website since the date of the old backup – those changes would all be lost and have to be recreated. Is my theory correct?

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