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9 thoughts on “How To AVOID VeRO Violation Bans With eBay Dropshipping In 2020

  1. If you have any questions make sure to right it down in the comments! It pays to be on the right track so go on and leave a LIKE to this video and make sure to SUBSCRIBE and click the NOTIFICATION BUTTON to be updated with everything related to Manual eBay Dropshipping! Thanks and have a good day!

  2. My listings keep on ending after 30 days, how do I stop this because it looses all my sales for that listing

  3. loving your videos tom, can you please make a video on your sku fetch set up? i loved your sku grid set up video !

  4. i have a question not vero related tho. ive got about 33 items listed so far, everything is working fine with them sales views traffic all good. the last 8 items ive listed on sku fetch loaded to sku g and eBay but the picture on the main page is not showing up. i can click on the item for sale and the picture shows up. but the main page ig just when your scrolling shows the gray avatar pic. the items themselves are getting traffic but im afraid because of this issue people are hesitant to purchase. not sure whats going on there?

  5. I got banned for three days as well.

  6. I got 4 VERO strikes. I stop using the brand name and the trademark words. No VERO strike in 7 months. 1500 items. I also watermark all my images (I know it's not allowed, but it works for me. I also have three stores to spread the risk. I do wonder if the VERO strikes expire, I've read they might expire after 90 days (probably not true, who knows.)

  7. Hey Tom. Question. Do you still have to worry about VeRo items if you are doing wholesale drop shipping? I am new to drop shipping and have decided to only do wholesale. Thanks.

  8. how to list vero ptoducts without suspension

  9. You can’t get a hold of Ebay wright now

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