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27 thoughts on “How to avoid eBay MC011 suspension when starting new eBay Dropshipping account

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  5. kentprice1101 fr0m—¡|ñstã helped fixed mine,,,.,..

  6. i got my account fixed by cyber.domm on !!nsta

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  8. how to make ebay unseen that i am using amazon?

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  12. Nahar ? Good Valuable Information!

  13. When my account was suspended i got it back through the service of davidhack0_ on lnstagram,he's the best out there

  14. Is anyone helping me to open an eBay account after it has been suspended?

  15. I cannot sell my own item if I use stealth account..?

  16. Hi Nahar. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

    1. Im from malaysia so my account address would be in Malaysia.
    2. if dropshipping from aliexpress i would put ship from location – china
    3. return address – my malaysia address or.. ?

  17. nice vid, just thought i’d share the option to hire a specialist to get ur acc back. appealprofessionals.com is a good one, hope this helps

  18. Hello Nahar. So, if I got it right: If I'm living in Europe, but I want to sell in eBay US products from China, should I actually say that the items come from China? And should I say that I actually live in Europe?

    Also another question… is there any risk with Paypal accounts?

  19. My account get suspended directly when i list my first product and after suspension they tell me its high risk
    What should i do ??

  20. Great information, but still hasn't addressed what price watching apps he uses for prices changes
    Camelcamelcamel is only good for US Amazon

  21. On step 1, how can we sell or list item from our home if we are an international seller or non-US citizen into ebay.com.

    By the way, I am from the Philippines, also we have our local ebay.ph and dropshipping is not possible in our country because the most preferred way of paying method in our country is COD or Cash On Delivery.

  22. When will zik analytics be available as a mobile app?

  23. I think this is great information for eBay sellers but I also think it's a shame sellers aren't already doing these things.

  24. Hi… I got a question… How to regain a flagged account to be clear…?

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