How To Analyze & Optimize Facebook Ads Data – Clickbank REAL Case Study (Day 1 Results – Episode 8)

How To Analyze & Optimize Facebook Ads Data - Clickbank REAL Case Study (Day 1 Results - Episode 8)

This is episode 8 of the clickbank and facebook ads case study. In this video you’ll learn how to analyze and optimize facebook ads data.

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🧐 About This Video

What we will cover:

– Day 1 Results (1:26)
– Key Metrics (3:49)
– Key Metric #1: Cost Per Unique Outbound Click (5:05)
– Key Metric #2: Unique Outbound CTR And CTR All (7:06)
– Key Metric #3:Landing Page CTR (8:49)
– Key Metric #4: Order Form Impressions (11:40)
– Key Metric #5: Cost Per Purchase (14:56)
– When To Scale Or Pause? (17:49)

I obviously can’t cover everything in one video about how to start affiliate marketing with clickbank, but this should give you a very clear idea on everything you need to know to see success with clickbank and facebook ads.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step affiliate marketing tutorial, here’s the most relevant playlists:

This is episode 8 of the new clickbank and facebook ads case study. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll engage with you in the comments.
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I’m a 25 year old entrepreneur and dog lover from Italy. My goal is to help people around the world start their first online business and be success doing. I’m not your fancy “Guru” nor will I ever claim to be. However, I can promise you I will always try to provide you with as much value packed content as possible so I help you get results with the latest strategies that are currently work for me.

I’m the owner and creator of ‘’ a company that wants to help starting entrepreneurs who are struggling to build a long terms sustainable business and don’t have much experience or technical knowledge finally find success through proven method that aren’t based on hype or trends but on years and years of results. Apply what we teach and you’ll see more money,time and general FREEDOM in your business/life.

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