How To Analyse Wholesale Products | Amazon FBA Wholesale

How To Analyse Wholesale Products | Amazon FBA Wholesale

In this video I talk through my entire criteria and process when analysing products supplied by wholesalers.

This is very similar to when analysing retail and online arbitrage deals, however there are some tweaks that could potentially cost you a lot of money if you forget about them.

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6 Thoughts to “How To Analyse Wholesale Products | Amazon FBA Wholesale”

  1. if you are purchasing direct from manufacture or approved distributor ip claims are nothing to worry about as you are purchasing from correct place šŸ™‚

  2. How do you check the sales per month.. sorry I'm new to this

  3. Hey Christos, looks like your doing this process manually? Aside from manual is there any software you can recommend for sifting through wholesale websites and lists? Thanks

  4. Another Good informative video, keep them coming, Iā€™m loving this series and Iā€™m waiting for the day when your subscriber figures explode.

  5. I didnt realise the sales analysis number indicator was for your sales only, so they divide you into the mix of other sellers and divide the sales up equally giving you your figure?

  6. Great vid as always mate, just started my Ltd company so will be following closely šŸ˜

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