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32 Thoughts to “How to Allow User Registration on Your WordPress Site”

  1. Hi, I'm hoping you can help. I'm looking for something specific: A registration/Login plugin so that it's required to have an account to access blogs. Would you still recommend this plug in? I'm not familiar with CSS so I'm not sure what people mean when they say enter a custom html

  2. Helo, i just need registered email address at my main page before costumer go in my shope page, no need username or even password.
    how to do that ? it is like subcribe to newsletter? but i just need field

  3. Nice video. Can you suggest how to create loan management website pls

  4. How many people can login and register in our website on WordPress ?

  5. I cannot find the membership part

  6. pls help me login to my wordpress site.i have my user name and the password but when login to my site is not allowing me there.pls help me

  7. Hello, Does one need to purchase the pro version to use the registration addon?

  8. I don't have a membership section !!

  9. Hi, very useful tutorial! I am wondering which is the best plan you suggest for WP Forms if I need to add all this to my website?

  10. what about a free user registration addon ?

  11. I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out to connect the form to my database. I can't find any "how to" on this.

  12. Is it possible to create a user registration with a payment widget where different users can interact amd send messages to each other after payment? Thanks and great video!

  13. I don't understand who is sending them a registration confirmation email?? I.e. when they get an email, who is it from?

  14. For user registration addon you need a pro version now.. what can i do?

  15. Hi. lovs the tutorial. i have a question .. does this means they first new to register before they view the website? I wanted to create an email listing since its a new website. how to create an email subscirption form?

  16. I don't have that Widget option under my appearance. Not sure what to do.

  17. Thank you
    Please I want to know how to make the registration form insert into my localhost database

  18. Thank you for this video! It has helped me so much! I do have one question though: how do I make the Meta area where they can either login and/or register? Thank you again!

  19. Hello! After moving my meta, up to where the search bar, etc, is I doesnt show up on the website. I saved after making a title for it. I also refreshed website multiple times and no success. Could it be that my website doesnt have this function? its a finished site btw. Im just looking to add a login function to it.

  20. This is great , but how do u customize the registration email they are getting after they registered ? i would like to hide the link to my admin login which is automatically being added in this email by wordpress

  21. This might be a stupid question but is it possible to add non WP users just for acess to page purposes?

  22. What a wonderful video, really thanks, but I have one question, there is no issue by having as many as possible of new people to register to my website by using the WPForms? I mean there is no limitation in that? Thanks

  23. is there anything cheaper than wp forms?

  24. Is there any reason why the "Membership" option would not display under Settings>General?

  25. Ace

    Great video! How to mandate user registration for purchasing from my website

  26. Great video, it helped me really a lot!
    Is it possible to assign users to different groups so I can control who sees what content, but they are all just subscribers?

  27. How do you add a "log out" button. Thank you for the great video!

  28. Dear mam thanks for ther video.. will this work for the webshop aswell? for the coustmer login? thanks

  29. How do I direct the hyperlinks on the meta widget to the login/registration pages created with WPForms? The meta links are still directing me to the WordPress sign in page rather than the pages I created for it.

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