How to Adjust the Facebook Ads Attribution Window

How to Adjust the Facebook Ads Attribution Window

In this video I show you how to adjust the Facebook ads attribution window and why you might want to.

It’s incredibly important to consider the attribution window when analyzing the success of your Facebook ad campaigns.

The Facebook attribution window determines how many of your desired action (conversions) are attributed to your Facebook ads campaign.

For example, how many purchases of your product can be attributed to your Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook works this out by setting a time limit from when someone interacts with your Facebook ad to when they take your desired action.

Facebook’s default attribution window is 28 days after someone has clicked on your ad, and 1 day after they have viewed your ad.

Sometimes this window is appropriate, however sometimes it isn’t. In this video I give examples of when to adjust Facebook attribution, and how to adjust the Facebook ads attribution window.


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4 Thoughts to “How to Adjust the Facebook Ads Attribution Window”

  1. if i leave the attribution as default 28 days click 1 day view but when i create my ad, use a 7 day click, 1 day view window then will facebook get confused? is it best that i use 28 days click, 1 day view on my ads if i have a 30 day email followup series? also if i use a 7 day click 1 day default window when making my ads will that give me faster purchases then using 28 days click, 1 day view for ads only?

  2. for generating store traffic which window is considered the best one?
    i saw the video with this doubt….got the other answers except this one

  3. Helpful and quick to the point as usual

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