How to Add Keepa Back to Tactical Arbitrage (Tutorial)

How to Add Keepa Back to Tactical Arbitrage (Tutorial)

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Due to changes in the Amazon rules that have affected tons of developers, softwares, and services we all depend on these companies have had to make changes.

Tactical Arbitrage is no exception.

Fortunately, there is a workaround that will allow you to add the Keepa link you all love right back into tactical Arbitrage.

This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to do it.

Also, you can grab the Keepa Logo perfectly sized and ready to go below


🔥 Keepa Logo Download:

🔥 Grab the Flips ASIN List Here:

🔥 Grab a FREE ASIN List to use for sourcing here:

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Good Selling! ❤️

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8 Thoughts to “How to Add Keepa Back to Tactical Arbitrage (Tutorial)”

  1. Thanks Chris!!! The tutorial made it so easy to add Keepa back to TA!

  2. Hi Chris, I think I could use your coaching. I'm selling about $100k/month in revenue, but since losing an employee (who handled repricing), my profits have really fallen. I've watched videos and read up as much as I can on setting mins, maxes and rules, but I'm just not anywhere near I used to be when it comes to profits per sale. Something is slipping through the cracks. Do you offer business audits or anything along the lines of evaluating my sales, profits, losses, trends so that we can identify why I'm missing out?

  3. Hay Chris! Rookie user of TA and going through all of Alex's videos, right now… So, previously we had full Keepa functionality within TA; am I right? But, did this change with this mysterious 3AM switch? I was looking at your "Restriction Checker" video and it seems like you don't have Full Keepa working, either. Do we now have to pay the Keepa subscription to restore the status-quo-ante? Or am not doing something right, maybe (probably!)?

  4. Chris, how would you add the Keepa graph back to Library Search?

  5. Hey Chris, so I ordered 10 units of a product I got off of TA (thanks to your videos!!!) all is well except I have someone that is probably using the amazon repricer and going 1 cent below me each time. I lower it like 20 different times a day and hes always on the buy box bc i dont want to use the repricer.

    How do i compete with this?

  6. I made a mistake the first time and did not link it to Keepa, but rather Amazon (because I did not "listen" properly). So, now I have 2 logos. How do I get rid of the one that does not take me to Keepa? TIA

  7. Where do I find the logo download?

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