How to Accelerate Your Instagram Growth in 30 Days with Jasmine Star

How to Accelerate Your Instagram Growth in 30 Days with Jasmine Star

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to accelerate your Instagram growth in just 30 days. The best part? All you need is a solid strategy—no shady hacks or secrets. In this session, Instagram expert Jasmine Star shares her journey to Instagram success, giving you the exact blueprint to find your niche, establish authority, and set yourself apart on the platform.

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11 Thoughts to “How to Accelerate Your Instagram Growth in 30 Days with Jasmine Star”

  1. She talked a lot but basically she is saying choose 9-12 categories to inform your IG to be more consistent. These categories she surround what you are selling literally and emotionally. Could of been said in 5 mins but still useful.

  2. Don't waste your time. Shameless self promotion by the host whose on camera presentation also proves to be grating.

  3. This video is to sell herself. Whenever someone begins "let me honest" you know immediately they will 1.) not be honest and 2.) con. As a paid account holder on Later I found this to be trite. Maybe it went over with all the teenagers who think they will be the next Influencer but this was a lot of fluff. It makes me re-think my subscription value with Later. Sell the mommy blogger, lips and Botox my friend. Make sure the boobs are visible. Check, check, check.

  4. This video is an example of how to make clickbait videos.
    I love her story but I wish the video title, in that case, was the story of an influencer's life and not things to do to accelerate.
    Disappointed that I fell for this.

  5. L W

    More about her life than tangible tactics. Additionally using the photographer that posts pictures of her kids is just odd – I doubt those kids consented to have their lives all over social.

  6. boring… and 20 minutos of her life.
    The personal stories are not need it in a "live event".

    Get the point girl!

  7. Incredibly useless. I truly can’t remember the last time when 30 minute seminar didn’t offer me at least one insight.

  8. No need to watch. Really boring and obvious stuff.

  9. Lame stuff. Sorry. But the half hour of talks is wasted. All that was said, is let's do categories and sell emotions…. And the other 26 minutes where self promotion….

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