How She Made $100k in One Year & 3 Tips for new creators! – LIVE w/ Vanessa Lau

How She Made $100k in One Year & 3 Tips for new creators! - LIVE w/ Vanessa Lau

How do you get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube? In this video you’ll learn 10 tips for getting more views and subscribers this year. ***** Get a copy of the YouTube Secrets book and $100 of exclusive free bonuses here ➡️

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Tips and tricks to help you get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

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47 Thoughts to “How She Made $100k in One Year & 3 Tips for new creators! – LIVE w/ Vanessa Lau”

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  2. She's calling us all out. So refreshing and inspiring to see new success! GO OFFFFFF SIS

  3. I really like your channel but at times it seems like YouTube is a sponsor to your channel. You’re such an advocate. Is it that or “Big Brother”?

  4. Incredible content, guys, all of you!

    I knew Vanessa about one month later and I m love her at the first glance hahaha

    But I have a question not about this content actually. It s about the way you transmite this live. How did you make to put, for exemple, the intro, transitions and another resourses?


  5. Im so excited to check out her channel! Thank you guys for all the value in this video!

  6. This is really good. Super helpful!

  7. small channel supporters?

  8. Benji, where can we find stats of successful YouTubers in under 2 years? Because I see stats that say only 3% of YouTubers become successful. What did the successful people do right and the unsuccessful people do wrong?

  9. This was pure fire. One of the best videos I've seen in a while 🔥🔥🔥

  10. So many gems were shared here! Keep it up!

  11. Thank you Vanessa for sharing your story.

  12. Thank you so much. I also got sick of my corporate America job and I quit. I started my channel this month and I am so thankful for these tips. I am in it for the long run!

  13. Vanessa! So dang GOOD! Thank you thank you thank you. I first saw you on Sunny’s channel. Both videos I’ve seen were FIRE! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  14. I shared this video cause I felt I had to, by the way I follow you guys, great work and thank you for helping us out 😀

  15. I love this channel and love watching Vanessa as well. I’ve been learning from you guys for a while now. Great interview! I can’t wait to see my lil channel grow.

  16. Her channel is exactly what I need! I know video production and filmmaking, but suck at business lol

  17. Great video! Very informative.

  18. The weekend is my time to record and do extra editing. No breaks for me right now.

  19. Thanks for another great video!!! I actually just purchased the YouTube secrets book on Amazon. Can not wait for it to come in 👏🏽👏🏽❤️

  20. I’m a Gen Xer and this is great information for me. I am stuck in a 9-5 and want out ASAP! Thank you both for this video!

  21. Video Influencers are the best, i have learnt a lot from VIDEO INFLUENCERS and it has inpired me to go on my way up, and now i'm on target to make great things. I have even created a you Tube channel to follow my progress. I would love support and feedback, so please hit the subscribe and check it out. There is more to come, thank you.

  22. Great idea,always teaching us great things.Thank you

  23. Instagram is not for me, full of bots

  24. Great to see young women succeed!! This inspires me A LOT! Keep that content coming and thank you so much 💪🏽🔥

  25. I just started my Youtube channel about monthly 30 day challenges on self-improvement. I just uploaded my second video about my #bodytransformation and I found Vanessa's tips are very helpful. I will subscribe and will check out your video. I loved your dynamic. Its been a while that I am following Sean and Benji, great to have you too! Thanks guys!

  26. Anybody who has a small channel wanna help eachother out I'm a gaming channel and my first video is coming tomorrow

  27. hello, I have a gaming youtube channel it's been 4-5 months, traffic is decent but in terms of subscribers, im thinking '25' is a very low figure to look at. I tried live stream but again no luck at all. can you guys help me out here!!

  28. She is really hipped about it that is really good, and I think that helping your channel grow by sharing your videos on your other social media networks is also a great tool for new you tubers. Please do not wait on youtube to get you all the views. Thanks for the insight.

  29. How would this work for a person that has no real education to speak of, or talents, but your willing to work?

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  32. Our two favorite channels! This team up and collab is better than DC’s Justice League lol.

  33. I absolutely adore Vanessa.. I found her at the beginning of her journey and just knew she’d get to where she wanted to be. So happy to hear of her success. She’s definitely a smart and resourceful YouTuber/entrepreneur !

  34. So excited to watch this! Vanessa's channel has helped me a lot!

  35. OMG thank you so much for motivating me to carry on. For me it is a marathon and am slowly gaining followers.

  36. Great video and very helpful advice.

  37. This is awesome, I'm 6 months in and this video has really given me the "Why" to get out of my doldrums and get going again. Thank you.

  38. If you like this you'll gonna be f***ng rich in 6 months! I swear! Yeah, I swear! Good luck! 😁

  39. At the beggining of channel looks it is impossible

  40. This was bomb thank you guys.. I better start my channel soon.. I was so nervous and scared, thanks Vanessa and Benji

  41. Thanks so much for having me! It was awesome to share my journey in hopes it may help one of your video influencers CRUSH IT on this platform! ❤️🔥💯

  42. Great video. You 2 guys are the reasons I start my French YouTube channel 😀

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