How People Are Making MILLIONS Selling On Amazon FBA Business

How People Are Making MILLIONS Selling On Amazon FBA Business

Did you know that people are making MILLIONS selling on Amazon FBA? People are even getting started selling on Amazon with no money! The Amazon FBA business model is quite simple and can be explained in 4 simple steps. I have been an Amazon seller for over a year now and it is a great additional source of passive income. The guy at the beginning of the video is taking advantage of what’s known as Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage. It’s when you purchase clearance items at retail stores and resell them on Amazon FBA at market (or higher) value.

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3 Thoughts to “How People Are Making MILLIONS Selling On Amazon FBA Business”

  1. so many helpful information! definitely going to subscribe. hopefully you'll have webinars on the future!

  2. Great video!!!When I was starting my FBA I was a bit scared and I didn’t know all tiny but important details so I used next level ninjas platform,and they really helped with the launch and later with promotions and reviews. So if anyone will need any help in this I think they might help you)

  3. The idea of doing some retail arbitrage has crossed my mind in the past. I guess I haven't gotten into it because it's not scalable, but if a deal presents itself, why not take advantage? I've also recently found out about Amazon Dropshipping – listing Wal-Mart products on Amazon with an FBM listing and then putting through the order yourself on Wal-Mart's site. Not sure how I feel about this one but it sounds interesting. Also, I really like the production value you put into your videos! They look and sound amazing!

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