HAVE YOU EVER MISSED A PLANE?? What a complete nightmare, right? Here are some really important tips to help you avoid missing that all important flight. I recently had to take three planes to get to Norway for work. And the times between the connections was short. So I took this an a real life opportunity to put these tips into action. Did I make it?? What do you think??

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Photo: Jens Kreuter, Unsplash


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“Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen”, Danny Kaye, Hans Christian Andersen
“Norweigian Wood”, The Beatles
Norweigian National Anthem
Copenhagen, Expedia
Oslo, Expedia
A Day in Stavanger, Expedia


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7 Thoughts to “HOW NOT TO MISS A PLANE!!!”

  1. thanks for the tip!! new friend here!! i'll remember this tip!!

  2. Karen, wow! I am in awe, this video is so well done, the planning, the filming, the freaking editing! Not to mention you’re a total pro at vlogging in public. Amazing job and so inspiring😄👍🏼

  3. You’re living your life like an international rock star 💚🌼❤️

  4. Wow, I really liked how you have an advice video while you are actually doing it. The editing is too notch. And pretty amazing how you can achieve this while filming by yourself. I have subscribed to your channel.

  5. I totally agree with Violet! 🌸 Secondly I would have died, if I had to make a trip like that! Respect ✊ What were you doing in Stavanger?

  6. OMG this is next level for you Karen. Wow wow wow. Your editing and tranitioning is superb. I love the time lapse you did in the airport where all the people are moving but you are stationary. And snapoing fingers feom one to the next country…. Respect. I am not worthy. I had to go do a whole new shoot since my entire week of footage is sitting on a corrupt card. Busy editing now.

  7. Missing a plane can cause complete chaos! Not to mention it could wreck a family vacation or work plans. As the holiday season comes upon us, here are some tips to help you avoid missing that plane. Good luck!!!

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