How Much Should You Spend On Facebook Ads | Step-By-Step Beginner Tutorial

How Much Should You Spend On Facebook Ads | Step-By-Step Beginner Tutorial

Today I take you through my step-by-step proven strategy to selecting the budget you should set for your Facebook Ads to see the best possible results! Instagram: @BOWLES

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How Much Should You Spend On Facebook Ads | Step-By-Step Beginner Tutorial

Today I walk you step-by-step through my exact winning strategy on how I set the budgets on my Facebook Ads.

From running lifetime budgets, to daily budgets, or figuring out what budget you should set on a Facebook Ad CBO, we break it down!

This will give you the guideline you need to not over-spend, or under-spend when you are testing Facebook Ads.

If you are running Facebook Ads for a Shopify Dropshipping store, then this is definitely something you need to implement. The 3:1 ratio concept has helped me generate millions of dollars in sales through Facebook Ads and given me a massive amount of financial and location freedom!

So essentially that is how you are going to run massively profitable Facebook Ads!

I hope this helped, leave a LIKE if you enjoyed!

*Disclaimer* I am not in any way a certified financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be one. Any information or advice I give you on any social media platform is simply my opinion based my own own experience and research. There is no guarantee on anything due to the fact that there are many variables that play a factor in your success. Do your own research, do the work and take everything as an opinion.


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28 Thoughts to “How Much Should You Spend On Facebook Ads | Step-By-Step Beginner Tutorial”

  1. Great value as always man! Question… Does total campaign spend matter for the algorithm or is daily spend the driving factor for Premiere traffic?

  2. I have the data (from stupid spending without fully understanding at first to getting to add to carts but only 13 sales) in a niche. However I don’t seem to be able to convert to sales even after retargeting for two different products towards the niche. I know the product page is good, I also know the price is competitive and the ad copies send people to my website consistently. I just can’t seem to become profitable though. Help!

  3. My customers are from 14-20 should I use Facebook adds because Facebook has very old users? 🤔😕

  4. Ray

    Please do a CBO testing and scaling video🤯

  5. We spent 5$ we got first order then spent 10$ didn't get any order again spent till 15$ didn't get order what to do should I kill the ad? Or i should scale it?

  6. Greed had took over you. Remember where you came from. Stop feeding your ego. You deserve a fulfilling life Hayden.

  7. I spent about $5000 in fb ads but only breaking through. My conversation rate is avg 4℅ my cpc's are under a $1 my average order value is about $20 but idk why I'm not making money?

  8. What shipping should I use In dsers??

  9. Amazing Content i learn more everyday “just subscribed”❤️ Has been working amazing🔥 thank u again for all your knowledge. Aiming to hit 1k💰 in sales today! ❤️

  10. Thanks dude. Just launched some tests today. trying to stay chill about it. Lets get it.

  11. great stuff dude!! as always!!! dropping some quality knowledge bombs!!! so basically if you want facebook ads to work you gotta let it ride and build the data?? good to know, mhh so basically i have a brand new store, new ads in the making , videos and image creatives, ive been organically growing my socials, and ive been trying your advice with ig influencers but i find it so difficult to get a hold of 95% of the good ones w/ engagments! nevermind that tho ha but if i ran 2 videos and 2 image creatives for engagement for 3-5 days at a 10r a day, would i be able to see from the engagment alone if i have a winning product? should i run engagements ads first always to build on new data? or go straight to conversions? and what sorta numbers do i really need to be seeing before going for the conversions??!!!, see theres a lotta fuckers out there teachin me wrong but ima listen to you from now on, the wise wizard!!

  12. Do you use your personal fan page to run ads or do you make a page for your products and run the ads on there?

  13. Motivation I Need To Start Grinding .

  14. Hey Hayden Im on the 4th day on FB ads for a new pixel I have one ad set that has yet to produce any purchases but it does have 19 ATC should I kill it or keep it going for the data ??

  15. 5 ads in a 15min vid bit much

  16. Make a video about the FB Learning Phase!

  17. Thank you for the video. Is it better to run conversation or traffic ads on Facebook?

  18. Thanks I budget 10-20k to really get any campaign going these days 📈

  19. Which performs better? Stacking interests and narrowing by Engaged shoppers on a single Adset? Or having multiple Ad sets with single interests, Each narrowed down by Engaged shoppers?

  20. Hey bro love your content, where do you get your art canvases in your old studio set up?

  21. Hey Hayden I just purchased your 30 days Econ program 😁 I was wondering when you said let your daily ad budget equal the cost of your product do you mean the entire Campaign or each adset?

  22. I heard facebook is going to stop doing adset budgets and only do campaign budgets. do you think this will change the testing process?

  23. Any specific times that are best for publishing ads ?

  24. Some Crazy Value there my man! 😍. I'm currently testing out a product, it's been a week now. Making about $150 consistently for 3 days now. But I'm just breaking even. Product costs $4 and I'm selling it for $14.99. Will I ever be profitable in the next week or so with this price tag?

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