How Much Should I Spend On Facebook Ads | Ad Spend Budget

How Much Should I Spend On Facebook Ads | Ad Spend Budget

I have a method to determine how much I should spend on Facebook ads. It includes keeping an eye on EPC (earnings per click) as I test about 20 ad creatives.

This might take, for example, $500 of my Facebook advertising budget and it’s the required initial step to determine if the offer is worthwhile and whether any ad creatives will convert. Then, I double down when I spot potential. Otherwise, I kill my ad creatives and move on.

This is a great video on Facebook ads for beginners, and it should help give you an idea of Facebook ads cost per day.

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00:07 – Introduction to O2C
01:03 – leaving Bing for Facebook
01:57 – biggest spending mistake
02:22 – thinking process
02:30 – EPC (a preliminary indicator)
03:14 – EXAMPLE 1
03:55 – your first $500 run
04:13 – test 20 ad creatives
04:28 – when to kill the ad creative test
05:26 – is the offer worthwhile?
07:07 – double down when you spot potential
08:07 – benchmarks to observe
08:45 – EXAMPLE 2
09:15 – spending threshold
10:47 – advance your skills

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Offer Testing Process:
How To Go Full-Time in Affiliate Marketing:
Scaling to $10k/day:

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  1. In this video when you say ad creative do you mean just pics/video or are you including ad copy in your definition here? Thanks!

  2. What verticals do you work within on Facebook in affiliate marketing? I feel so many affiliate offers are outside of FB ad policies. Thanks.

  3. Thank you. Great insights regarding budget

  4. what do u do when FB doesn't give some creatives enough reach/impressions? Do u strike them off or do u use them in a new campaign?

  5. Can't believe you guys give this info away for free. I dont know when but I hope to eventually buy your course and coaching as well. Thank you for so much value!

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