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28 Thoughts to “How Much Money I Make From YouTube and Amazon Affiliate Links by Creating Videos.”

  1. Excellent video! Question: I'd like to know what kind of merchandise you're pushing. Is it expensive stuff or is it inexpensive every day items? Thanks.

  2. Liked and commented.
    This is the video I was looking for. Huge thanks mate for encouraging.

  3. Hi i want to put amazon links in the comment section of my own video but youtube doesnt let me. My comment with the affiliate links doesnt show up. Do you know why?

  4. You'd make more money just having a good job. Doesn't seem worth it. However I appreciate your honesty. Many affiliate marketers make wild claims of millions earned.

  5. Amazon Affiliate and YouTube Monetization are allowed together?

  6. Hey can you follow my page and help me make sales

  7. Really good break down of all the income. Will be interesting to se the difference between 2018 to 2019

  8. No need to justify your existence to any one. What you make is the result of you effort. Thank you for your videos.

  9. Thanks Tom, really appreciate for this video.

  10. Nice T-shirt "working with strippers all days "🙂

  11. Now you can get an idea what pewdiepie makes with a 100million subscribers or 1300 to 1 more. If the viewer/advertiser ratio is the same then over 3million /month.

  12. Thanks for sharing, always cool to see what other YouTubers are making on here!

  13. cool stuff Tom. Appreciate the insight, honesty and integrity. Its really a breath of fresh air!

  14. Appreciate the honesty. I make $100 per month and I have 3k subs. Looks like the cpm is similar to yours .

  15. I have zero interest in producing videos for YouTube, but I still found this very interesting.

  16. Thanks for the transparency man. Keep up the good work

  17. You all are wonderful and deserve every penny you make. I’ve watched your vids to learn quite a few things and am always impressed. Glad to see the $ trending up. Keep the videos coming!

  18. Thanks Tom for your great Job on all these videos along these years and for your honesty. Funny thing to note is that your making more money from Amazon affiliate links than from YT ads, who could have known!! It's a shame you have so few subscribers btw…

  19. great, looking forward to seeing more 🙂 subbed

  20. Hey Tom, i noticed your tool you showed looks like the "Ideal 30-495 FT-45 Feed-Thru Modular Plug Crimp Tool". It his the one you use? If so, what ends do you use with that? I used to use the EZ crimps tool and ends, but have noticed as of late that when you crimp the EZ crimp ends, it doesnt crimp a few pins. have you noticed this? I always enjoy your videos. keep them up.

  21. The ad on this video was kinda repulsive. Two bros trying to get you signed up as a person to make one off Amazon affliate links and get to a 100 K club. Like come on a 5 minute ad about a pyramid scheme. Your better than this Tom!

  22. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy the videos you make. Keep up the great work.

  23. only this chanel, show all channel earning

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