How Much MONEY Do You NEED To Start AMAZON FBA?!

How Much MONEY Do You NEED To Start AMAZON FBA?!

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A very important topic to cover and a question I get asked every day. “How much money do I realistically need to start Amazon FBA?!” I cover the question in depth here and I talk about the absolute minimum that is required to get going! Hope this helps!

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34 Thoughts to “How Much MONEY Do You NEED To Start AMAZON FBA?!”

  1. Great video bro thanks for breaking it down 💪🏽 just one question on shipping , what about tariffs and fees for imports and ways of shipping and all that? ? I heard other youtubers mention those too or is it I included in the shipping already?

  2. How do I sell my own product in amazon

  3. What you may have forgotten to mention, is that amazon individual account when the seller sales on item he is charged 33% and on additional .99c on that 1 item.
    But never the less you got right to the point 👍👍

  4. R u still doing fba I heard there sending stuff back to everyone that don’t sell what is the cost of taking all your product back

  5. Crazy crazy…. Never buy 200 products on a starting basis… could be a crap non selling product.. Use the ''Inch high mile wide '' method to test your product… if it works go ahead with a larger order, if not you have not used up all your capital… Your initial challenge will be ''cash flow'' … keep it all as simple as you can to begin with…

  6. Where can you get your logo done??

  7. R L

    Great vid… how do you get UPC code for $5

  8. what is your amazon store name? so many people on youtube put all this FBA videos but no one is linking his own store ?? why is that ?

  9. Any example of product cost USD 2?

  10. The amount you mentioned are all in USD.

  11. I think I can afford that cuz this video boosted my esteem higher up. I used to think u need about 5-10 thousands but all those other people out there are liars and scammers

  12. Great info! Finally someone freaking answer the damn question. I feel like a lot of ppl make videos saying "how much does it cost to get amazon fba started" but NEVER answer the question.

  13. Brah, youre doing these videos all wrong. don't you know you need to be flashing mad wealth around, getting on fiverr and having a whole business setup for you in a day for $15 bucks… come on, get with the program here…TOP CLASS videos! I don't sub to peoples channels because they are all full of shit, you however are on point and are my first sub channel.. well done..

  14. I'm looking for investors/partner to start online business. Interested people contact

  15. I did this and made 88k in 4 months than quit because child support wanted that money, I said nope I stopped

  16. Fun Onli neWo rk .c om is too working exceptionally well for me. super easy moolah. working from a mobile phone only also!

  17. $1200 isnt enough. $2000 or even having $3000 is the safe way to go in case something goes wrong. If its your first product you especially need that extra cash above $1200

  18. Help me how to start. I still dont know how to.

  19. How can to find someone to help me with these processes please?

  20. If these are popular selling items, how come Amazon doesn't buy them strait from the manufacturer?

  21. hi, newbies here and I'm from the Philippines. can I have an account of amazon U.S because I am planning to sell outside the country?

  22. Strictly to the point, great video thank you!

  23. Pretty well explained….

    Hey Derrick,,could you just let me know of product discovery tools for Amazon Fba India.?
    Thank you.

  24. Good video! I am doing good on Amazon now. Note I also took help from one of service provider OneBoxHub. Thanks

  25. Get a real barcode from gs1 it costs 250 for I believe 10 but it saves you headaches down the line.

  26. How much for Amazon FbA course?

  27. Anyone use an inspection company before? Is it really necessary

  28. Keep it up man I find so many videos that doesn’t get straight to the point if the video always wanting to tell a life story when all I’m asking for is “what is FBA” I didn’t ask about your life story lol thanks for not being them

  29. But what if you have only 500$

  30. Hey bro What camera do you use?
    My Channel was just monetized and I will start shooting soon.

  31. I have seen other channel saying UPC cost 250 dollars you said 5 dollars. I am confused

  32. Who can I use or how do I find inspectors ?

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