How much money did I have to start eBay?

How much money did I have to start eBay?

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42 Thoughts to “How much money did I have to start eBay?”

  1. Media mail is like 4 th class. Priority, 1st class 2nd class goes first. Media mail goes after these. Were you told a delivery time for media mail? Yes it gets good delivery normally. But with less employees, more people ordering online, media mail has to wait.. Be thankful for the almost 1st class delivery service normally for media mail. That’s great service for a low price. I’m not sure if media mail even gets delivered at Christmas time. I’m sure you know. Maybe stop using media mail until this is over. And not at Christmas time.

  2. Do you ship worldwide, or gap? I was nervous at first, but I've made a few sales overseas and getting used to the shipping charges. Thanks.

  3. I have a question about the song "I gotta be the first one there" at the end of your videos. Is that an original and you singing?

  4. LOL you being younger wouldn't know PRESTO was a very reputable brand popular in the 60s and 70s and was considered high quality in the day 😉 Today they look like they might do the on tv type sales but they were best know for some of the 1st quality pressure cookers. Company appears to be National Presto Industries at go dot presto website. They only show a few products but I think you will have good luck selling any in excellent condition or new. They might have to replace the seals in a pressure cooker so if selling suggest they do that.

  5. I have a gardening channel and victory garden and just started ebay. You know cool it was for me to get a garden tease while learning my new hustle. Thanks for all the great knowledge.

  6. Hey Matt, when you get some time, can you do a video showing us how to incorporate Pirate Ship into our ebay stores please? God bless 🙂

  7. I'm not much of a shopper, so I recently purchased a lot of 100 – 33 piece – household use screwdriver sets. Like you said, I just set up the one listing and sell the same thing over and over again. It takes a lot less time.

  8. How do you find pallets of stuff?

  9. Great sales! Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. New seller, mine started with 50 listings in February, now they gave me 200. I have been looking at Bulq but I just can't do it for an unmanifested box. I work in retail and I know conditions vary on returns.

  11. This guy I trust. Most these eBay YouTube people seen to be sketchy!! Thank you sir for your videos. I’m glad I found this guy!!

  12. eBay Customer Service is awful right now.

  13. Nice use of space your new plantings

  14. Thx on bubble wrap link. I usually get it free but the company I get it from is shut down

  15. I really enjoy your videos. They are definitely helpful I have been buying bubble wrap for a while online because you definitely get it cheaper such as two rolls for what you would pay for one at a retail store. The more you buy, the more you save. The garden was also looking good. Not to big and good enough to help with the budget without extra hard work. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

  16. Started with a blender I sold on FB for $15, now have $4,000+ in listings in less than a year, 1-2 hours a week, I put about 90% of sales back into sourcing ;D

  17. Thx for showing Matt, I love the diversity of your items, I’m new at reselling, it was you who got me to look at anything that could make a profit not just games or figures, books but items I’ve walked right passed without even glancing at, it surprising what some stuff will sell for, thx for that 👍

  18. I bought 2 pallets from One I lost about 100 dollars on. It was store display Amazon tablets. The second I made about $200 after all was said and done. It took a lot of hustling to get rid of the stuff and a lot was just smalls not even worth much. I got lucky because there were 3 high end mechanical keyboards I was able to sell for about $180 each (avg), which paid for the pallet. I later found out that Bulq has its own eBay store and they compete against you and cherry pick what sells well. Also, Bulq tries to bulk its pallets with a bunch of useless NOS cell phone cases to bring down the avg per piece cost. This was my experience. Others may have had better, but I've heard a lot of similar experiences. I bought from Bulq before doing the research.

  19. Bravo, brilliant phrase and timely 📌 In My Videos – Lucre for $1300 💰

  20. Good advice about the Buy it now feature. Thanks

  21. I will be 100% honest I started with $100 bucks and absolutly nothing else, No Bank account money, No checking account money, No savings what so ever, No car NOTHING. Now after a year busting my ass I can say im comfortable to where im at. You dont need much you just need drive

  22. Matt,you had mentioned about the neutral feedback I received it to the buyer said the price was to high for the item they purchased and Ebay would not change

  23. First time seller can list up to 50 items free each month on ebay now. I did not have any problem when I started back in March with listing. I started off by listing about 10 or 20 items around the house and then slowly started listing more as I sold items. As I sold more I transition to a store in April. Also I took the route of getting into selling by starting off with things around the house. Then I took that profit and started going to thrift stores before the C shot things down. Now I source on Facebook Marketplace and I have purchased from some online auctions.

  24. You are doing fantastic!!! I so enjoy your channel I’m learning so much from you. I’ve made some mistakes but it’s a learning process.

  25. I was in attendance for game 7 of the 2014 W.S. I'll never forget bumm warming up in the 3rd inning. I'm still impressed how he pitched so much that well. But joe panick saved the series for them. His backhanded double play is 1 of the best plays in ws history.

  26. Good stuff Matt. I get that same bubble wrap from Amazon, but does it seem like they used to be bigger rolls? I dunno, I don’t have any of the old rolls left, but these seem smaller but still a decent deal if we’re getting the full 700’. Worse case, if I’m running real low and can’t wait for shipment, I usually get a roll from Sams. Not a bad deal in a pinch, 240’ roll for 12.98.

  27. Always good solid advice. Much appreciated.

  28. You do NOT need money to start a reselling business on Ebay….not even one single cent! Nor do you need to sell stuff you already own. Technically, it is even possible to start selling on Ebay without owning a computer, paying for internet access, or having any other equipment. You also don't have to buy boxes or mailing supplies, not even an ink pen! All you need is your time!

    Before everyone jumps on me, I can prove every thing I just said. I run a successful picker business (Trehan Creek Pickers) and understand how to do all of the things I mentioned without spending a single cent of my own money for anything…not even the merchandise I sell or the packaging I use. When I get time, I'll post a video on my channel showing how its done. Many of you could learn a lot of useful lessons from a 67 year successful business man.

    But for now, I'll just give a short explanation of how to start with no money. First, you need something to sell. Nearly every single thing I sell online I pay not one single cent for. Not only that, a lot of the time people PAY ME to clean out the stuff that they want to get rid of. You can do that too. Just advertise that you clean out garages, attics, sheds, or whatever for reasonable prices. People will pay you to load up and haul off their unwanted items. You can just make a stop by your own place and drop off the items you can resell on Ebay before hauling the rest of the stuff to the dump. People don't care if you keep their unwanted items. Collect your fee for hauling off the garbage and you will have seed money to use for your reselling business. And, you will have items that you paid NOTHING for to sell. You absolutely cannot fail to make a profit when you paid nothing for the items you sell! Think about that for a minute.

    Don't have a computer? There are tons of places that have computers available for use, including public libraries, hotel business centers, schools, etc. Open an Ebay account, then use the free computers to list your items for sale and to check your sales. You aren't paying for the computer or the internet services! This is just temporary until you can sell a few items, make a little money, and move up to owning your own equipment.

    When you list your first items, let the buyer pay for all shipping costs. Ebay collects the money from the buyer for the shipping so it doesn't have to come out of your pocket. Set up shipping to use Priority Mail which will mean you can get free boxes and mailing envelopes from the post office. They also will let you seal the boxes up with their free Priority Mail tape. Ebay will charge you for the mailing label postage after you use their mailing label to do the shipping. You don't even need to PRINT the label so there is no need to buy actual labels or a label printer. You can write everything on the package using the post offices free ink pens! LOL. Ebay doesn't actually care if you print out the label or not. They just want you to pay them for it!

    Let's recap. People paid me to haul off their junk, which allowed me to pick through and find a few items to sell. The buyers prepaid the shipping and Ebay collected the money from the buyers. I bought labels from Ebay which they will deduct from the money they are holding before they send me the balance. I used free postal service boxes, tape, and ink. I used free computers and internet service. Where did I spend any money? I didn't spend a thing. Plus my profit margin was 100% on everything sold, with my only costs being the amounts Ebay deducts for its fees. It doesn't get much better than that folks.

    If you are spending lots of money to run a reselling business you are probably doing it on a very big scale, and that's great. But if you are willing to start small, you truly don't need anything but your own time to get started in the exact manner I just outlined.

    Good luck to you!

  29. Hi Matt I've been selling now on ebay for almost a year I'm retired on disability trying to support my family my question is how do you know what to list as auction or buy it now and what exactly does it mean to sell in a lot thanks for the help enjoy your channel stay safe.

  30. QUESTION: I'm in the process of having my business logo re-designed. It was long overdue for a new and current design. I like your logo design. Could you share with us if you designed it yourself or who designed it for you? Best wishes! -Steven

  31. I have been on Ebay for years just selling stuff out of the house. Then in February I decided to do Ebay more seriously. I have been selling consistently on Ebay, and a few things on Mercari, though I don’t have much listed on Mercari yet. My mailman even brought me a USPS box to leave my packages in at the mailbox. Lol. I have a terrific mailman, so I leave him Gatorade, gloves, and nice notes. I have been sewing facemasks for people, so I haven’t listed much lately and am anxious to do more. About 10 days ago I finally started an ebay store: Steadfast Selections. Thank for the info on the $25 free shipping supplies — I just received my tape. I have a question: how do you compare if UPS or FedEx prices are less than USPS when the items get too large or nearly too large for the post office? I love PirateShip, but its only USPS. Thank you for all your videos! Renee of SteadfastSelections.

  32. As a manager, I would take home merchandise I was supposed to field destroy, because I believe destroying items to protect profit is horse 💩

  33. Really appreciate all the content seems like I always learn something new every time I watch your videos.

  34. Organizing is what I am trying to push myself as well lol

  35. I picked every night after work and Saturdays for 2 years and stored everything in microwave boxes. Then restarted my store after a 5 year break.. Now I can source for higher dollar items because I can keep 500 items running full time. And I do it part time. Love it.

  36. I was just wondering why you don't use pirate ship for international shipping instead of GSP

  37. I've got major delays on my USPS First Class International to Europe. Asia and Australia seem fine. One did make it to Germany recently, but most are being held in the US. One has been in San Fransisco for over 6 weeks.

  38. Just recently listed a keyboarding program for 18.99, got an offer from a buyer and the offer was the same as what I'm asking, so I accepted and the buyer has yet to respond. Should I relist?

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