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How much I made from Amazon FBA Wholesale in 30 days – BEGINNER – selling on amazon 2021

How much I made from Amazon FBA Wholesale in 30 days – BEGINNER – selling on amazon 2021

Iโ€™m a newbie to all of this. So how much can a beginner make, realistically? Weโ€™ll go over actual numbers from the last 30 days.

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31 thoughts on “How much I made from Amazon FBA Wholesale in 30 days – BEGINNER – selling on amazon 2021

  1. Are all this products you mentioned from private label?

  2. this made me subscribe your too cute lol

  3. Lord_of_hackers67* is the only pro I've seen on IG

  4. Lord_of_hackers67* is the only pro I've seen on IG I have watch countless videos on YouTube but none seem to help until I meet this great dude lord_of_hackers67 on IG he is a genius….

  5. Lord_of_hackers67* is the only pro I've seen on IG

  6. the great and important video

    thanks for the info

  7. how many pieces of each product did you buy? and how do you know how many?

  8. Love your videos! Can you recommend a baby crib / car seat supplier?

  9. OMG I got free stuffs through Hackhat40 on IG he help me got 2 iphone 12 pro max and PS5 thought were a scam it took a while but it come successfully, thanks sir keep helping

  10. And also you have to pay taxes ๐Ÿ™„ end of year

  11. Hi, I really enjoyed your video. Thank you for all the tips. What wholesaler distributors do you use to get ungated?

  12. I love your humor and personality! you keep me laughing

  13. Which courses did you take? I am curious hopefully I can avoid spending unnecessary money

  14. how did you find those products as wholesale?Did you have to contact those suppliers and let them know you want to sell their products..and if they agreed, you just bought directly from them and sent to amazon?

  15. wondering why some experienced VA can't find a winning product after all the calculations done and with Your choice of product it would be a hit? well few people are just gifted with an eye for IT… ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I am in the process of starting to sell on amazon but i have to say wow does amazon take there cut. crazy

  17. Howโ€™s it going with the cribs now? Is oversized and heavy items a ๐Ÿ‘ or ๐Ÿ‘Ž?

  18. Girl wtf is a chatchski

  19. Yes @ 10:10 as a repair technician and parts reseller, you often get customers who are inexperienced in diagnosing and repairing, so the parts returns are high because of these factors. This is how I lost my eBay seller account. High returns following a high sales month and the math defaulted me into a lost seller account. None of the parts I sold were bad, instead, the inexperience of the customer had them ordering wrong parts or improper installation techniques. Use caution when selling repair parts or avoid them at all costs.

  20. Ever heard of brickseek.com

    Ritchie Hustles had a YouTube channel has several videos that also has some good tips at using software that aids him in selecting products with a higher sell through rate and good ROIโ€™s

    Thanks for your content

  21. "total, total" is net
    there's gross, expense and net

  22. Thatโ€™s why I left amz scout. Iโ€™m now on helium10 and itโ€™s so helpful.

  23. Thumbs up for the "stupid tax" mention.

  24. This is a great video but you are not taking into account the money you are paying upfront to stock products that haven't sold yet…. How much would you say you have to invest to start on Amazon FBA?

  25. In the product you have a loss of 0.72, can't you price it higher? Sorry but I am a total newbie and I am not sure how this works… Thanks

  26. You are not a savvy business person tbh

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