How Much Does It Cost To Start eBay Dropshipping (in 2020)?

How Much Does It Cost To Start eBay Dropshipping (in 2020)?

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20 Thoughts to “How Much Does It Cost To Start eBay Dropshipping (in 2020)?”

  1. so I cant start selling without having the money to buy the product or a credit card?

  2. I drop from amz to ebay . But now i can not buying from amz . After redeem gift card then check out product my amz account lock immediately. How can I fix it

  3. I have to ask this because I just dont understand,is your students or people spending all day on the computer just filling orders because I mean $88,000 in orders that's alot of buying?

  4. But what if you sell a product on eBay PayPal holds the money how are we supposed to buy the product off Walmart

  5. hi Paul, How is AutoDs different or better than Skugrid?

  6. I'm long time eBayer 17 year seller and simiD to you a seller goes. one thing you need to tell newbies is that eBay holds their money for up to UP TO 21 days when they open an eBay account for approximately the 90 days. Otherwise your video is pretty good

  7. Just a quick Help please I’m 18 trying to start early you know lol.. So.. I’ve Made more than one account now, I think both have been flagged even tho my current second account was manual and location set as United Kingdom and not an exact postcode. I’m using a website that ships within guaranteed 7-15 days so is there a way I can carry on or? What do I do??? Should I make an account on eBay USA instead of uk and maybe it will not recognise my credit card and PayPal? Or is there a way to convince their live chat to unflagging me for sales?

  8. How to avoid account flagging while dropshipping on eBay?

  9. How about the quantity if you want to sale more than one of the same item those that update using the software

  10. Can you do one on amazon drop shipping please?

  11. I don’t recommend anybody drop ship on eBay without software. You will run into too many issues, mainly price changes and out of stock issues. You will have to start canceling too many orders and this will screw up your account immediately.

    It’s super stressful doing it all manual. It gives me mad anxiety when things don’t go smoothly and you have zero control over these issues without some sort of software involved.

    Plus tax exemption is super important but not straightforward at all so many will have issues with that like I did.

    The biggest fear is losing money per sale for problems with shipping sometimes amazon only gives you one option to ship with no prime available and that alone if it’s $10 for shipping you lose your profit and are in the negative 👎🏻 which doesn’t happen every time but more often than I wanted.

    Even with only shipping to U.S. without Hawaii and Alaska and no P.O. Boxes I still had these shipping issues and one person didn’t even get their item on time and this is all from Amazon to eBay.

    These issues are really crucial if you ask me. You never want to lose money per sale that’s just scary! Also if drop shipping manually you must make sure to order the items as soon as possible and not wait cuz you never know how long the supplier will take to ship and this is very important to get the items to arrive on time.

    Good luck all.

  12. I profit about 40-60% in resale. Sometimes a bit less. Finding the right marketing strategy that both sells and isn't as competitive works. A product that consumers want but that's a tad bit better is a double win. 💰💰😁

  13. Hi Paul, I just want to say your course and content are changing my family’s life. Thank you. I’m not using tracker bot and need to enter tracking information for Amazon TBA #’s into eBay friendly info. Can you help ?

  14. Paul? How can you make money drop shipping on Amazon if you pay fees on amazon you pay ebays final value fees and on eBay you pay promoted listing fees. It all adds up to like 10$ how do you get around fees?

  15. Hi Paul, thanks for your excellent videos. In order to get tax exempt, what type of business is better, LLC or sole proprietor? Why ? Thks

  16. My account has been suspended because ebay thought i was fake

  17. Hi Paul. I'm from Malaysia wanting to start drop shipping. My question is, Is it a problem if my ebay account currently using address from HopShopGo which is at Portland OR as my main address and I want to dropship items from Aliexpress.? I use ebay mainly to buy items for myself that does not ship to Malaysia. Do i need to change anything? Or do you I need to have a second ebay account? Thanks Paul.

  18. Hmm, that can be true for US resident sellers, but its not that cheap and easy for anyone else.
    I bought the course but its just a fraction of what you have to invest upfront. You have to set up an LLC, if you aim for anything more than pocket money, that will come for 400-1000 usd, depending if you set it up with a shady online agency or a lawyer with good recommendations. This does not include any kind of physical return adress or postal adress in the US which is extra. Then comes the ITIN number, which is another 400-500 usd via agency, and you cant set up US Paypal business accuont without it.
    Then it becomes worse: you need a US business bank account, which is 2000 usd via a lawfirm (only chance i found if you dont want or cant travel to the US), if you fly to the US personally then for the roundtrip expenses lets count 800 usd, and it can still happen that the bank rejects non-residents to open an account.
    So upfront costs will be minimally around 1600-2000 (course excluded) usd if you live outside the US and want to sell the Titans way, but probably more because i could not find anyone in the Titans Tribe yet who would have finished this zero stage from outside the US. But i keep looking, i just joined 10 days ago.

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