How Much Do NFL Draft Picks Make?

How Much Do NFL Draft Picks Make?

The 2019 NFL draft started on Thursday night and runs through Saturday April 27. Over the next three days 32 of the NFL’s team battle it out over seven rounds to fill their teams with a new batch of young players. We took a look at the money behind the draft and what rookies like Kyler Murray, Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, Daniel Jones, and Dwayne Haskins will make based on draft position.

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How Much Do NFL Draft Picks Make


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40 Thoughts to “How Much Do NFL Draft Picks Make?”

  1. AOC wants the last pick to get paid like the first

  2. Is it weird that i don't like American football but like the Draft?

  3. The NFL is a racist plantation system that keeps the proud black man down! It's safe to say that on average, white players are paid much more than blacks at every position. As well, you'll find that black players are arrested many times more often than white players. Also, teams fired just about every black coach that they had last season and replaced them not with black, hispanic, asian, mid-eastern, indian, jewish, or some other POC coaches but with white coaches.

  4. They are all over paid to play a game. That money would help a lot of citizens that are homeless and starving

  5. As a general rule I don't care about millionaires & billionaires haggling about money but I do think that the players deserve more than they get now.
    It's the most popular U.S. sport, the most profitable U.S. sport, the most "dangerous" sport. They should be as well compensated as the NBA or MLB.
    Better & more guaranteed money.

    And I'd like to clarify that I know football isn't the most dangerous sport, I just meant in terms of the 4 major sports.

  6. The new Draft picks don't have Agents when they enter the Draft, or do they?

  7. Do the NFL teams have youth academies?
    Or it's only soccer teams that have those things?

  8. R D

    Tldw ff to 7:12 for the answer. No need for 7 min of bs beforehand. The narrator trying to convince us he is smart.

  9. The Atlanta Falcons is the richest team in pro sports

  10. How much is brain damage worth?

  11. The players bent over in my opinion in 11. I agree with both what the players want and what the owners ant, my issue is that the owners don't have any "stake" in their teams, states and tax dollars pay for new stadiums, the players break themselves for this job and they should take in more of the income.

  12. Whoever edited this video must have been a Carolina gamecock fan. 😬👎🏼

  13. “Top college players from around the country”
    ::shows clip of South Carolina gamecocks::
    LOLZ 😂

  14. Very nice video with some numbers. NFL should be producing this content to educate viewers.

  15. CNBC keep coming with these fire videos!! Please do one on AI and Business and one on Grubhub, Uber Estes! Also love the love for Trub!

  16. Damn Jamarcus Russell made bank😂😂😂

  17. One picture with commentary is something

  18. there some really good players that where drafted in the nfl such as brady

  19. Sports analyst decide the top pick lol

  20. I'm a rugby league guy but know I know what the buzz is about

  21. Yo if I was making even the least one of them was getting payed I would still be happy 2.5 million in 4 years so like 625,000 a year like you will be payed good still and wouldn’t have to worry bout money

  22. Obviously if we clicked on the video we know wtf the nfl draft is

  23. I would love to be on a practice squad for a season…..but I'm sure it's tough for practice squad players seeing that some teammates game check is more that their entire salary.

  24. IG thots taking notes right now 📝

  25. Yo CNBC great work with these videos my new favorite channel!!

  26. T C

    There no limit on how much you can make on the practice squad

  27. It’s funny the number 1 pick is only a fraction of top baseball contracts

  28. We need to address the nfl draft wage gap

  29. I'm glad for the chargers we didnt pick tunsil in 2016 we got JOEY BOSA ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  30. I’d be sad mad if I was making 2.7 million dollars a year too.

  31. So if ur birthday is after the draft even by a few days u have to wait for the whole next year?

  32. Wow CNBC video that actually is informative. 👍

  33. New cba in NFL pays less than before, but endorsements on average pay more endorsements than before. Kyler Murray will hold out using his contract offers from the Oakland athletics as leverage.

  34. Not as much as baseball players, looking at you Kyler

  35. I’d almost rather not get picked so i can pick which team I go on

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