How Mercari Caught me Dropshipping & Threatened to Suspend my Account

How Mercari Caught me Dropshipping & Threatened to Suspend my Account

How Mercari Caught me Dropshipping & Threatened to Suspend my Account

My Mercari account just ran into some trouble & I was almost suspended from the eCommerce platform.

My listings were taken down & deactivated because I “previously advocated for a violation of the terms of service on an external platform.”

Put simply, I created a YouTube Video that demonstrated how you could drop ship on the Mercari platform (within their terms of service).

That video is titled How to Retail Dropship on Mercari [eCommerce Sales with NO Inventory] & you can check it out here if you want to learn how to do it properly & make more money without actually having any inventory:

This video will also go into why you’re a target if you’re a YouTuber or a Content Creator.

As Entrepreneurs, we’re constantly looking for new methods to “push the limit” if you will.

That’s innovation 101 & that’s how you succeed in Business.

While we’re not actively trying to violate the terms of service of any websites (ex. Amazon, Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, etc…), we are constantly looking for a way to get an edge & get better results.

If you aren’t….well, you won’t be in Business very long.

So, I just wanted to create this video as a word of caution to my other fellow Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, & YouTubers out there.

If you put your accounts on video & demonstrate these types of things for your audiences, it does make you a target.

You’re basically catching yourself on camera doing so. LOL.

Anyway, I’ll continue to create videos like that to help you guys make money online quicker & easier.

That’s what this channel is about & that’s what I love to do.

There are many ways to make money online though.

Drop shipping on any eCommerce platform (Mercari included), is just one of those ways.

So if you’re looking for multiple tried, true, battle tested, & proven ways to make money online by reselling, I highly recommend that you check out my Online Arbitrage Pro Course.

You can find the link to that Course directly below.

🎓Online Arbitrage Pro:

🎓The Complete Mercari Masterclass [eCommerce Made Simple]:

🎓eCommerce Retail Dropshipping on Poshmark & Mercari:


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2 Thoughts to “How Mercari Caught me Dropshipping & Threatened to Suspend my Account”

  1. Yeah I suspect you being a mentor is what has you under the microscope. Bless you for sharing your insights however. Those who succeed in life rarely allow arbitrary policies and rules to keep them from succeeding.

    Piss on em. You rock.

  2. It probably wasn't another Mercari seller, it was probably an employee. They monitor social media and your videos would definitely catch their attention. They could see your Mercari username for that account in your video.

    Be careful, they've been known to ban multiple accounts if they think they're owned by the same person. One of my cousins got banned because she made an account and her roommate also made an account and she thinks it's because they used the same address. They suck anyway ever since they started charging fees. It was great when it was totally free LOL!!

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