How Im Sending In Amazon FBA Shipments Crazy Fast During Limited Restock!!

How Im Sending In Amazon FBA Shipments Crazy Fast During Limited Restock!!

Amazon FBA Shipments have been in “limited restock” phase for the past month. This means you cant send in more than a certain quantity (varied per product) of amazon fba products per shipping plan.

In this video I show you how to send in amazon fba shipments to an amazon warehouse more effectively.

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22 Thoughts to “How Im Sending In Amazon FBA Shipments Crazy Fast During Limited Restock!!”

  1. Where do you get the labels to send from home to FBA warehouse?

  2. Thanks so much Paul for the helpful videos! What is the shipping method you recommend to ship from home to Amazon?

  3. Great video Paul!

    I am just starting to sell on Amazon, i own a brand that i've been selling for few years on my website.
    And i want to expand to Amazon.

    As my first shipment to Amazon will we 660 units, should i send it by Air or by sea?

    What do you think ?

  4. i still can not get a quote from china for under 12 bucks a kg and i have talked to over 100 freight forwarders.. and i can't even send in to amazon. very frustrating

  5. How often can you send in those 50 units to amazon tho? Can you create a new 50 unit shipment everyday? Every week?

  6. Great info, this is my plan of action πŸ‘

  7. exactly my plan! and possibly duplicating my listing to do FBM and FBA at once.

  8. Would this work if we live in an apartment ?

  9. Wtf when did you get so buff 🀀 lol
    Now back to watching & taking notesπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  10. is 50 units a hard line cap for all non essential products?

  11. Hi Paul. I am making my first order from china, how do I get quality assurances for my products? Your guidance is much appreciated here

  12. Rob

    What if you don't live in the US?

  13. "that is probably the best art we've done on the channel" I
    100% agree hahaha

  14. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ thanks Paul

  15. Doesnt work for me. I live in Australia

  16. how are you shipping? USPS? Fedex, UPS? thanks for another great video!

  17. Also, ironically I made the decision 2 days ago to have my supplier send all my units to my home. Goodbye guest bedroom ✌🏼

  18. I like this Paul, great thinking.

  19. Your upload schedule is insane! Good job man! Your videos always answer my current questions πŸ™πŸΌ

  20. Paul, is the 50 unit rule once per week? Or is that just the max size of the shipping plan, and you could ship 50 per day into Amazon if you wanted.

  21. Yup good plan. For those of us outside the USA that doesn't work as well. My plan is to use a third party warehouse to store the bulk shipment and send smaller quantities to Amazon from there.

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