How I'm Making Money in 2020

How I'm Making Money in 2020

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46 Thoughts to “How I'm Making Money in 2020”

  1. Nice video! I find stats super interesting! As a recent media graduate thinking about doing some freelancing, I also hear the whole "real job" spiel a lot. I imagine the people who talk about "real jobs" just don't understand that the workforce is evolving outside of typical 9 to 5 jobs. Especially considering everything that's going on right now with millions of people working from home, it's interesting to me that people still think that work has to be just sitting in a cubicle all day.

  2. lol in America a real job is working for the Man with a periodic paycheck, fuck those people, you have real jobs several of them.

  3. Ebay is fun and games until asshole buyers start scamming you, that Paypal money back policy is the devil.

  4. i make money on swagbucks

  5. Keep workin hard man! 👍🏾

  6. Getting it from your parents as always?

  7. It’s so refreshing to see a creator who is transparent. I hate that this is such a taboo subject for people. I feel like I can trust you more since you trust us to have this knowledge. Also, I’m so so sorry about Jasmine. Remember that all dogs do go to heaven and you’ll see her again one day ❤️

  8. Miss the weekend vlogs! I would look forward to coming home from work and watching it. Keep up the good work, David.

  9. thank god only fans wasn't a source of his! Lol Im just joking around, great video David!

  10. I like the weekend vloggity vlogs most

  11. $60k a year is pretty decent if you have control over your hours, time, working settings and activities. I think it is safe to say that David is primarily doing activities that he enjoys and would do for free so he is essentially living an early retirement, which is priceless. Time is the most valuable asset and is way more important than money. If you are making a ton of money but have to do it from an office for 70 hours a week and have no life, you are simply wasting your life away.

  12. They keep tellin me theres 2 much money to be made out here.

  13. It’s partly because of you I got motivated to get back into streaming. I have though moved to Twitch. And it’ll only get better from here.

  14. Not too shabby. You are quite rich.

  15. David Di Franco, I Am Going To Have A Fun Summer Of 2020. I Am Very Excited.

  16. Miss ya bra looking good miss the peeps to.

  17. I don't usually leave comments on videos. I have been watching you since 2007 pretty religiously and have always supported you because i have watch your videos through hard times. I feel like i know your family. I just think that it is extremely unfair how you stopped posting weekend vlogs on youtube and keeping them strictly for patreon. I get it, you received a lot of flack on your last weekend vlog you posted. You literally get around 7k-10k views per weekend vlog and you got maybe 10? maybe 15? negative comments. That is such a small percentage of people who gave you negativity vs the amount of people who watched the video and just didn't say anything. I don't normally comment on videos, but i do support you. You're not going to get constant positive feedback, most people who are going to post negativity on someones video usually have a LOT of time on their hands…There is a lot of people like me! thousands of people who watch your videos and just don't say anything! i get you have to make money on patreon but not everyone can afford to pay to watch a vlog…especially right now. I was just disappointed in your decision, but that is just my opinion. best of luck to you.

  18. Sorry David, but Robinhood is complete garbage. It is NOT a reliable broker and it has crashed more than once where people are locked out and unable to execute trades. People have lost thousands of dollars because of this. Webull is way better and offers 10x the features and is also reliable.

  19. Hi David it's been a long time I know you're too busy working but I want to let you know to be safe

  20. cant wait for the weekend vlogs to come back. Y make grate videos. Some of your 1st videos i saw were you doing mtn dew first taste videos

  21. glad to see you investing, id stay away from day trading though, 99.9% of people fail in day trading because they get too emotional in their positions. unless you are willing to turn trading into a full time job (waking up at 8am, studying company balance sheets everyday) i recommend you be more of a passive investor, holding onto stocks for a year or so and collecting dividends. and don’t make the same mistake i did, buying too many companies, hold on to 3 or 4 companies and put all your money in them instead of buying just a few positions in a bunch of companies.

  22. I think it would be cool if you shared what you are investing in with robin hood, and what channels do you watch for investing advice.

  23. Nice video David, sorry for the loss of Jasmine. It is nice that you felt comfortable being so open on the different ways you are making an income off of. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Hey david what happened to the weekend vlogs ? i really loved them

  25. Sent you a couple of messages on facebook and insta but never had a reply do you ever read the messages? Looking forward to the weekend vlogs returning its been so long i hope we get the ones we missed also? So sorry for your loss bro.

  26. Where is the vlogs at???

  27. I admire your transparency David. Been watching you for over a decade and have always taken great inspiration. I've recently started putting more effort into kickstarting my UK based Car channel and also considering other streams of income. I quit my job managing a busy high street retail store because it was no longer making me happy, and I'm lucky enough to now work part time in retail for a fantastic company – of which I cannot name but 'Think different'. Hopefully some day I can be fully self employed doing all the things I love. Ignore the negativity because people tend to be just jealous that they have not found a comfortable lifestyle like yourself.

  28. Hello David, I’m actually interested in a stocks video. Like something for a beginner to use stocks. Like what apps you use and what tips and tricks you do for stocks. I think a video like that would be helpful to me.

  29. Hey David bro guess what I made my first 10 dollars on Ebay I went to Dollar tree and found those star wars cups for an dollar each that say Kylo Ren on the cup. It was an dollar each and sold for 10 dollars online plus shipping I just ship my item out and hope I wrap it right which is my first time wrapping cups. I went back to the dollar tree and bought all 7 cups they have left Dollar tree normally do not sales star wars items cups wise. Keep up with your content bro

  30. Awesome video David! it’s great how open you are about your different streams of income and sharing this information👌🏼 I’ve recently read a book for the first time in a few years haha it’s called “Secrets of the millionaire mind” and gave me a whole new perspective on money. I really recommend if you’ve never read it before. Keep up the great work!!

  31. It is better to buy and hold rather than daytrade

  32. I have to admit i miss the weekend vlogs…in a world so dark its nice to have a bit of light to look forward to light up the weekend.

  33. David I've been subscribed for like six years I used to look forward for the weekend vlog I'm happy that you're evolving and going forward I wish you and your family and your pets the best thank you for all the good years of logs it was fun I used to

  34. Hey David, love the video would for sure like to see more! Keep up the good work

  35. I find it great at what you are doing. You are your own boss and don't have to work for crazy corporate America. With that being said, trash day makes me happy. I drive around looking for trash which could be lawn mowers , bikes, kids toys etc… And flip them on Facebook for profit that I didn't have to spend any money on. Then there is eBay 👍
    EDIT: I also do Etsy with my photo print business, but very slow. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe one day it will pick up

  36. Gosh you look so much like your dad haha. Glad to see you are doing well. Thank you for the kick in the butt with this motivating video. Sincerely, long tine fan.

  37. Best wishes and sorry about your dog. Maybe there’s still hope left for this shitty year.

  38. How’s saving up for the Tesla going?

  39. Could really use the weekend vlogs again during these hard times :/ I've been loving the eBay/thrifting and would love to see the Robin Hood stuff you're getting into.

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