How I Sold Over $1M in 6 Months on Amazon FBA

How I Sold Over $1M in 6 Months on Amazon FBA

I show you how I sold over $1M in 6 months of selling on Amazon FBA! Amazon FBA is a scalable business that has unlimited earning potential and I have tapped into that potential and grown my online arbitrage Amazon FBA business to over 1 million dollars in sales in just 6 months.

I solely use the online arbitrage business model to grow my Amazon FBA business and 100% of my sales come from items that were sourced from online retailers.

Amazon FBA allows you to work from anywhere in the world and it has allowed me to achieve financial freedom in my 20’s!

I taught myself how to sell on Amazon FBA and that limited me to slow growth at the beginning since I hadn’t learned from a mentor or taken a step by step Amazon FBA course to get strategies from already successful Amazon sellers.





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8 Thoughts to “How I Sold Over $1M in 6 Months on Amazon FBA”

  1. Cool video! Congrats on the success… you're one of the few channels I've seen on YouTube at this level of success with OA. I've been doing Retail Arb for the last couple of years (FBA/books) and have been able to replace my full time 9-to-5 job, however I am coming to realize that with RA my ability to scale becomes increasingly difficult because of the amount of labor it takes, physically sourcing at retail stores and then the labor it takes to prep/ship them to Amazon, which ends up taking the bulk of my 35 HR work week. To ball park the numbers I am currently seeing $4K-$5K months working about 35 hrs per week, of which 6 hrs I spend on physically sourcing and the rest on prepping and shipping to Amazon. If I wanted to scale my current business 4X, I would literally have to work 120hrs per week OR hire & train 3 full-time people…to do what I do. Anyways, I've looked into OA specifically using the tools & methods you mentioned on your channel. I see the upside is WAY BETTER, with fewer roadblocks. However, I'm curious at the level you're at right now, How much time do YOU put into the business weekly? Do you use VA's, are they even necessary? It seems the only effort this takes is product research, especially with FBA prep centers and powerful Online arbitrage sourcing tools like Tactical Arb?? Fascinating stuff, thanks for sharing!

  2. How many units do you manage total?? Also what is your profit range for that high of revenue?

  3. What are you netting a year? What's a realistic net % with the online arbitrage model?

  4. Did credit cards has a role to play in scaling up?

  5. Thanks for sharing guru, I have a question please. How long typically does it take to clear your inventory? Say for example, you buy some products at the beginning of the month. How long from that point do you consider a good time before you sell out your stock? Appreciate your feedback. 🙂

  6. Hi man! I have a question, do you keep restocking those top seller products? Thanks

  7. I want to do this so bad but afraid of losing my hard earned money.😒

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