How I MAKE Money on Amazon Prime Day [Without Selling Prime Items]

How I MAKE Money on Amazon Prime Day [Without Selling Prime Items]

Amazon Prime Day is all about spending money, right? Wrong. While you’re spending money, someone else is making money. That someone else might as well be YOU!

Find out how I make more money on Amazon Prime Day, even though I don’t sell any Prime items.

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💰Free Amazon Dropshipping Course:

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21 Thoughts to “How I MAKE Money on Amazon Prime Day [Without Selling Prime Items]”

  1. What books have you read that you love? I would love your recommendations!

  2. First time watching You. Very good and valuable video!

  3. what program you use to make video from the way i like your videos.Gonna to try all yours tips.

  4. I bought your course on teachable and it hasn’t been updated in a while and some things are missing. Is there a way to get into the same coarse on your website if I already paid for the coarse?

  5. Sam

    This guy is the king of causal advertisement hahah. Good job mate

  6. Wow! What an eye-opener!! You have changed my world AND with JUST the free things Ive gotten from your great videos I have almost $100 more than I did last week (when I found you on YT). For me, I like the feel of a book, not so much a Kindle—-even tho the concept/prod is cool. I think I will buy one to flip down the road closer to the holidays. Thank you Paul—yikes I almost didn't watch this episode!

  7. hey

    Could you make a video on hiring VAs? I'm looking forward to using them. I am looking through your old videos to see if you have any too. Thank so much Paul, your tips have made a huge impact on the way I run my businesses. Thanks so much!

  8. hey

    I like these books. I read How to make your first Million by Warren Ingram. It really teaches you about stocks and the different kinds of stocks. It also talks a lot about the 2008 market crash and why it happened. It changed the way I think about saving. I also am currently reading Invested: How Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Taught Me to Master My Mind by Phil Town. It's a new way to think about the importance of investing. Also reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. It talks about the development of how human society became to be. I am reading this book to become more mindful of the needs of humans and hopefully will lead to understanding and innovations. Thanks so much for your recommendations. I almost forgot that I could borrow from the library. I've been looking for the I will teach you to be rich book on my subscription service and they don't have it, so I will look in the library. Great video, as always!

  9. Hi Paul. What percentage should we set the promoted listings at ?

  10. One book I would recommend to anyone who's interested in business, would be Business Adventures by Brooks. It's a bit heavy but it really gives you inside views of how the markets work. I might even make a video on it at some point, since I see so little people talking about it!

  11. Paul, one of my favorite books so far is The Laptop Millionaire, by Mark Anastasi. Thanks for all your suggestions. PS, you should put your dog Orlando in more videos. I only remember seeing him one time. Take care!

  12. Appreciate your content. I was wondering if you could perhaps make a video going over skugrid or other price/stock checkers. I find skugrid hard to use. Thanks!

  13. Rio

    What did you mean by the phrase "kinda of wooo wooo"?

  14. Vedic scriptures, Taoism, Rich dad poor dad by robert kiyosaki

  15. George Clason's The Richest Man in Babylon. I read it many years ago but it has always stayed with me. Not many books do.

  16. Great content as always. The book that keeps me focused on what's really important is the Bible…"Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth" When thats in good order, it lets me move forward on earthly matters.

  17. How to be a bad ass at making money- Jen sincero

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