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HOW I MAKE $700 IN 1 HOUR AT WALMART | Retail Arbitrage Amazon FBA

HOW I MAKE $700 IN 1 HOUR AT WALMART | Retail Arbitrage Amazon FBA

HOW I MAKE $700 IN 1 HOUR AT WALMART | Retail Arbitrage Amazon FBA

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00:00 Intro
01:15 Big Secret Announcement
01:25 Buying Products in Walmart
02:26 Did we Make Money Yet?
03:02 Processing Overview
03:28 Workstation Breakdown
03:48 Product Recap
04:06 Creating a shipment in Inventory Lab
05:06 Pricing Thoughts
05:34 Printing FBA Stickers and Labeling Items
05:53 Sticker Removal
07:35 Submitting Inventory Lab Shipments to Amazon (Finalizing)
08:21 Shipping Queue in Amazon
08:30 Weighing Items, Sealing up Boxes
08:55 Purchasing Postage for Inbound FBA Shipments
09:10 FBA Box Labels (Shipping Label + FBA Box Label)
10:01 Resizing Boxes Without a Box Resizer Tool
11:00 Shipment Review
11:36 Dealing with Split Shipments
12:47 Adjusting Item Quantities in FBA Shipments
13:12 How to Make Case Packed Shipments

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47 thoughts on “HOW I MAKE $700 IN 1 HOUR AT WALMART | Retail Arbitrage Amazon FBA

  1. Thanks for watching guys ❤
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  2. This is the best Amazon selling video I've ever seen. Actual step by step and clear as could be. 10/10 vid

  3. How do you print the barcode labels you put on the products?

  4. Your the man thanks brotha this was very very helpful!

  5. Just found you. Had no idea you could make a decent profit reselling on Amazon. Will be looking into this, but liked and subbed! Love how humble and honest you are about not having a college or even HS degree. Though you should probably do an episode that stresses to track revenue and calculate what you'll need to pay in taxes at the end of the year and being sure to set that amount aside otherwise A LOT of unwitting people are going to be in for a nasty surprise from the IRS and can lose their livelihoods, homes, etc.

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  7. Your name should be’Cheezy’ because you are definitely a Cheezy personality

  8. My man this is Savino I have been paying atention and got started because of you. I was in an accident in a Crysler 300,(SOLID CAR) I made it , A new hip right side if body rebuilt new femor, new hip,nine ribs broke and the heek and ankle, Was found to have diabetes and sugat went low and into colma I went. I year to recover by myself because Cali state Medical sucks and only accepted in your home county, i got my accident in another . San Jose so no coverage no SSI,SSDI nothing. IM better now and I need to start Arbitrage to get my self going again. Can you help out buy telling in which informative videoes in your journey I should start watching. Much love and respect goes out to you Savino from Cali

  9. Much love homie! Hidden gem here!!

  10. I hope god/the powers that be bless you for spreading your wealth in knowledge.

  11. So did he make $700 with all the supplies he brought from Walmart? Or $700 from just some of the supplies he bought

  12. good luck trying to get ungated with a 1 unit invoice.

  13. Should I use scan power or inventory lab


  15. You already won me! With your generosity and with your good heart!

    I don’t have no clue about selling on Amazon! I’m just watching your videos to get an idea and understanding!
    Sending you love and blessings and thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  16. Thank you very much Reezy Resells. This is exactly the type of content i was looking for. i have a thousand questions though, but i can research online i think. Its awesome seeing a REAL LIFE PERSON showing how they get real world results doing a real thing and some time wasting gimmick showing you how to "make free money " or constantly telling you they are a millionare for free… Thank you! I'm subscribed !!!!!!

  17. Ayyy I love the Santa Cruz gear!!

  18. wait if you spent 1,100 and you only sold everything for 700 how did you profit

  19. Good thing I have a walmart discount card

  20. Great video, but I didn't see anything about creating the listing on Amazon, or did I miss something?

  21. Very very helpful! Great content. Subscribed!

  22. Thank you so much for providing this information for free on YouTube, definitely subscribed!

  23. Feelin good after watching this 😎

  24. Can u work at Walmart at age 16 , how much they make a hr?

  25. this video is a banger and has me confident I can try doing this. I called into work today due to severe anxiety just to find this video. God's plan.

  26. I appreciate you helping a lot of people with this awesome video.

  27. Sounds like me after flipping sport cards on ebay ..

  28. Anybody here actually do this?

  29. Great video. By the way , can I do this in Canada ?

  30. that was alot of value thank you

  31. This is an amazing video I feel like I’m finally ready to start an FBA business I’m a little late to the video but what kind of printer do you have for your bar codes

  32. Great video but tip 1-4 has me confused

  33. This is awesome 😎 Too bad it gives me a headache 😅😂

  34. Hey bro quick question what if the item is on sale or used a coupon. Do you put the original price or the sale price regarding like what you personally paid ?

  35. Thanks so much for being so honest and upfront about everything! You are really passing your blessings forward! ❤️

  36. I just have hard time believing that you start all that with just 5 dlls 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. In India, Amazon is failed concept for making quick money. Amazon has made indian customers thieves. In Fba , amazon staff steals expensive products of seller. Its good to know in your country, Amazon has made life easier for some people

  38. I work for amazon im feeling to swap sides.

  39. Appreciate the videos and info geezy. What do u usually do with returns?

  40. You a good guy bro god bless you

  41. He dropped the Super Banger Nugget 😂😂. Great video and very informative!

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