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How I made $5,000 profit in a week with Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant)

How I made $5,000 profit in a week with Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant)

Today I am sharing the top 10 items I sourced through retail arbitrage in March and sold via FBM for my Amazon FBA business. I include all the actual costs of shipping the product to customers which can be really confusing if you are totally new to it. I show you how to set up your amazon shipping template and how to use the RevSeller extension to estimate the cost to ship a product to the customer. You can find some really amazing profits right now if you are willing to put in the work to try selling on amazon with FBM.

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20 thoughts on “How I made $5,000 profit in a week with Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant)

  1. I keep seeing videos about how doing FBA books is so amazing for making money so I’m trying it. With that said…. I don’t know how anyone is making $$ on it!? The fees are insane. For thrift books it’s like .50-$1 to buy the book, then Amazon fulfillment fee is $4.95 -/+ then they have some variable 1.99 fee. And then I pay the 39.99 so I DONT get charged the .99 per unit sold. Then they charge commission fee. Oh and that’s before cost of shipping to send the items to Amazon. Holy sh*t!
    Starting price has to be nearly $10 for a used book in acceptable condition to make only 1-$3 profit per book.!
    Meanwhile other sellers have lowest price of book available around $5.95.
    How is this possible?
    I’m starting to feel like doing this is a waste of my energy. The only people making money is AMAZON. Quite literally

  2. Hey Nikki, great channel and content. I just liked and subscribed. I have a few questions. Can a FBM seller get the buy box? I am under the impression that only FBA sellers can get the buy box. You mentioned in your video that there is an opportunity to show faster shipping times than FBA sellers. Would this mean that FBM gets the buy box? How does a buyer know that the shipping time is faster for a FBM seller. It seems like FBA sellers get the prime badge and the buy box making it harder for FBM seller's products to get noticed. Thanks for any clarification on what I just wrote.

  3. That is what another person said who paid big dollars for a course. I think the real money is in MERCHANT FULFILLED

  4. My confusion about the fbm vs fba is when you use fbm you're saving money in the fba fees that Amazon charges you but your spending more money to ship the item so if I have item that has $4 of fba fees but I'm not paying the cost to ship directly to the customer but if I do fbm I'd save the $4 in fba fees but if it costs me $7 to ship to the customer aren't I losing out on $3 profit?

  5. 😁 i also thought FBM means fullfied by mysel 😁. Here to learn first time

  6. How does the free shipping work? Wht do you use yo ship for free? What is it, does mazon provide itas the while part of the fee they automatically input into the profit page? Like that $4.99 they say its packing fee?

  7. Do I have to ship everything in boxes to Amazon FBA?

  8. How u do label? Who print it?do u print it or usps?

  9. Hi Nikki, thanks for your videos; they are very educative and inspiring. I sell books on Amazon and I recently requested that all the books should be returned to me because I was running at a loss due to the high fees from Amazon. My problem now is how to change my registration from FBA to FMA so that I will not continue to pay the monthly fees of $39.99. Please can you advise me on how to go about this without getting my account terminated. The Seller Support has not been helpful.

  10. I am from Bangladesh, i know this work .so you can give me work.i interest it…..gmail…Rajonislam326@gmail.com

  11. how do you find the perfect products that will give good products? is there an app?

  12. Can you share where you're getting plain mailers and boxes? I get mine free on USPS delivered to my house. But then I have to use their services.

  13. Where do you get your merchandise from ?

  14. Where do you buy your products?

  15. Thanks for the explanation. I have a question what is the difference between MFN and FBM

  16. Are you including your amazon cost in this?

  17. at 3:40 your fees aren't added into the costs to sell FBM.. so how much would costs be from selling your product?

  18. Thank you for this video 🙏 I am starting out and made mistakes along the way. Started out with FBA sent products that did not sell. I am thinking about doing FBM now running out of $$. How do you market your products on Amazon FBM. Dose Amazon do that for you? I am really confused how to get items sold. I have changed a lot since I started adding more of a variety of products. Apparel, backpacks, blankets, type of things and working with a printer doing my graphics on my tees where she will ship directly to the customer and working with the actual tee shirt company for the other products, which they will ship. Good news, I don’t have to touch any of the products, bad news I have no traffic to my website. My apologies so much but this is what I have going on and hanging on by a string now. Hope you have some insight 🙏 thanks again, this is best video I have seen and I’ve watched a few 😁

  19. Hi Nikki. I really enjoy your videos! Hopefully you can answer a question. In a previous video, I think you mentioned that you usually by 2 – 6 units of one product so that the risk is lower. In this video though you show that you bought 66 of one product for the week. How do you decide when it's ok to buy more than a few?

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