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How I Find Profitable Items In Walmart Using Brickseek For Retail Arbitrage!

How I Find Profitable Items In Walmart Using Brickseek For Retail Arbitrage!

BOLO’S (Be On The Look Out) In this video should be RE-RESEARCHED to see if they will still be profitable. Please do your own research, Every item in this video has ALREADY BEEN SENT IN TO AMAZON FBA AND SOLD. Purchase at your own risk.

In this visit to Walmart I use the subscription base website Brickseek to find some deals and hidden clearance! I end up with a whole boat load of profit!


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36 thoughts on “How I Find Profitable Items In Walmart Using Brickseek For Retail Arbitrage!

  1. Everyone always makes it sound so easy when I'm sure it is time consuming to prep, pack & ship. Take all of the price tags off. Scotty peeler? Do you use inventory lab? Print labels from what? Idk? How do you choose the best way to ship?

  2. I would like to see a video of prep, pack & ship if you have the time. That would be awesome!

  3. What’s the minimum profit you would take on a item?

  4. i never have any luck with brickseek even when they say theres a bunch

  5. Why cant u sell Mattel..
    Gated what us that?

  6. wait so I see the deals on Brickseek but what do I do at checkout? Do I scan a barcode? Like what am I supposed to do when I am at the self checkout?

  7. Which app you use to check the sales rank of the products you are scanning

  8. Most items legal in Amazon fba?

  9. I'm not finding brickseek on android. But I'm seeing all kinds of other deal finder apps. Is this the one and only app? I'm thinking there may be others similar and perhaps free. Ideas?

  10. Have you ever considered one of those bt keychain scanners? Or are they not worth it? I'm just starting this and the phone method seems kinda slow and jenky.

  11. Do you ever put anything back where it belongs? You threw most of the products back on the shelf where it wasn't at.

  12. Do you use the premium or the extream deal hunter membership?

  13. wow amazing channel! I wonder can i do this in my country (the netherlands)? Looking forward to your response sir

  14. Damn bro put your shit back where it goes

  15. Just got my seller account and this was great information.

  16. Is Brickseek only for Amazon or can you use for eBay too?

  17. You show your phone too fast I could not see the price

  18. Brickseek said there were 6+ available items at my local walmart for 3 cents. I drive over there and only found ONE deflated option! I swear… employees keep stuff done themselves!
    I was just at a walmart and they were ripping open a few pallets at the end of the 90% clearance aisle of Christmas stuff. I was the first one on the scene. It was all perfume kits! I loaded up. Now.. how to unload them???

  19. What app are you using to check product ranking and price?

  20. How’d you get the labos ungated?

  21. Why didn’t you try to get approved with that other brand before the Kodak stuff

  22. Could have been a decent human being and put the calculators back. PSH.. What a dick.

    Sarcasm ???

  23. I was wondering if any of these items are gated

  24. God I love how you flipped over that hunk of Asian plastic at 9:21 ???

  25. Were you in the whitinsville,ma walmart? used to work there

  26. How did you know to get the Nintendo and things from the electronics?

  27. Check the ninja blenders they are ringing up at $15 shelf price says $30

  28. Why not use Walmart app to check prices?

  29. Why dont you use the Walmart app?

  30. If u have the item pulled up, u can have an employee check thier scanner for if there is any. I used to work Wal-Mart.

  31. Always look on the top shelf, I almost always find random stuff

  32. For the Kodak item you don’t care if Amazon is selling it too?

  33. is it most of the time they are not markdown? and you should always check on the price checker?

  34. Those BTS dolls in a set are profitable on ebay for sure

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