How I design Surreal Paintings – LIVE! Lachri

How I design Surreal Paintings - LIVE!  Lachri

See how I design my next colored pencil painting in photoshop before a pencil ever hits the paper! Colored pencil doesn’t leave much room for mistakes, by designing my surreal pieces the way I’m going to show you, I know exactly where each element of the painting will go ahead of time! I will be showing you how I come up with my surreal designs by combining coral, fish and one of Than from Tidal Garden’s cats!

I’m using Adobe Photoshop to edit photos for this livestream. Here is a link (affiliate) to their site if you want to check out their plans!

★★Tidal Gardens★★
Tidal Gardens is a coral farm in Ohio that has a youtube channel focused on corals and has a patreon that makes high-resolution reference photos available for artists starting at the $5 level.
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Tonight’s livestream is being shot with Logitech BRIO webcam (amazon affiliate link)
I’m using OBS for the stream and running everything through an MSI gaming laptop


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6 Thoughts to “How I design Surreal Paintings – LIVE! Lachri”

  1. Can’t wait to see finished art piece 😀

  2. Wonderful art. Can you please suggest how to he successful with selling my art I have only sold one painting and it seems Etsy as well as other sights are just too overloaded any help is greatly appreciated appreciated

  3. Hello Lisa! Great Live Stream! and can't wait to see the finished design! 😊

  4. So far it's looking great! Can't wait to see the finished design 💕💕💕

  5. You send live a 3 am, where I am, and I have two kids, so I'm not about to come to your live-shows, but this design work make me miss my photoshop, as it is on my tabletop computer witch is not working at the moment, and my laptop can't handle the program… 🤔

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