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How do I use Twitter as an Affiliate Marketing Platform and Sell Products?

How do I use Twitter as an Affiliate Marketing Platform and Sell Products?

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Hello, today I’m going to talk about how do I use Twitter as an affiliate marketing platform to sell products.

Twitter is still a very powerful tool. With 1 tweet Kylie Jenner caused the stock of Snapchat to drop like a rock. All she said was nobody is using Snapchat anymore.

Twitter really helped Gary Vee become the success he is, he made was an investor and user. Plus, Twitter might have helped Donald Trump become president.

As affiliate marketers how do we use the platform to make a boat ton of money? The first area is in the profile.

For starters you should have a picture of your face. Then in your profile what do we want to promote as affiliate marketers? Yes, we want to grow our list.

You should not use Twitter to sale products directly. The reason why is because 95% of people don’t buy the first time they see something. Plus, you can promote more than 1 product to a person with a list.

Everything we do is to build a list and then use the list to promote products. Use your bio to get people on your list. You can include a link in your bio.

Most people don’t do this and I don’t know why. Your bio is prime real estate use it.

The second way we can use Twitter is with Tweets. Of course I do have a life, so I’m not going to manually send out tons of Tweets.

Tweets disappear very quickly and for this reason it’s a good idea to send out a tweet every 2 hours. This means you really need some type of program that automatically sends out tweets.

I use Autotweets, but there are others as well. You might be wondering what do tweet about. Well, I tweet negative, complaints about the world. No, I’m kidding.

I Tweet positive quotes, that I really like. One of my favorites is be careful of sharpening your sword too much because you will break the tip. To me that means, stop while your ahead.

I’ll Tweet YouTube video’s I’ve made. These video are on different topics and at the end I promote my list. I’ll tweet articles that are similar. I’ll give away short Ebooks I’ve created.

Tweet anything you feel is helpful to your target niche.

Sometimes I’ll Tweet personal stuff about my life, like how my office looks or where I surf. Of course I always Tweet short promos that directly can get someone on my list.

What I really like about Twitter is that they are short messages. I also try to include a picture as well. You might be wondering how do you get followers on Twitter?

What I really enjoy doing, when I wake up is to login to My Twitter accounts, I have many of them.

Then I will simply follow 30 people a day that are in my niche. Then I will use a free program called unfollowspy and unfollow people who are not following me back.

Over time I get more Twitter followers. You can also have more than 1 Twitter account, As you can see all this stuff can add up.

Sometimes I do this while I’m listening to the news, podcast or a YouTube video. Plus Twitter is a big source of traffic, so it does work.

There is a 3rd way you can use Twitter for an affiliate business. This involves going to Twitter search and typing it problems and pains of the people in your niche.

When you do this you will notice people tweeting out complaints and problems. All you have to do is message them. What I like to do is say I used to have the same problem, but I found something that really works and I’m excited because it works, DM me for details.

When they direct message me then I will provide a link. The main thing is you want to get them curious to message me.

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I hope this video or podcast was helpful, if so please hit the thumbs up button. Also, you feedback is always welcome. Do you know of a better way to use Twitter, if so please share in the comments. Bye for now.


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