How Coronavirus Will Make You More Accountable | Tea with GaryVee

How Coronavirus Will Make You More Accountable | Tea with GaryVee

Gary is very passionate about the idea of being accountable for your actions. People often blame others and hide behind excuses to try and protect themselves instead of owning up to their decisions. With everyone’s lives being severely impacted by the effects of COVI-19, there is a lot less for people to hide behind and people are going to become much more accountable for their lives because of it. In this episode, Gary has a really interesting conversation around accountability and that will bring you all a ton of value… Enjoy!


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25 Thoughts to “How Coronavirus Will Make You More Accountable | Tea with GaryVee”

  1. Wonder what garys response would be if he knew the dollar is crashing along with all the global fiat currencies?
    Hyperinflations coming with all this money printing…
    Cant gary see the writing on the wall?

  2. What meeting software is this?

  3. I'm stuck on the fact that you have muscles now. hectic. That's consistency.

  4. You. Are. Amazing. Thank you for teaching us what we should have learned in school! I’ll apply this knowledge to my YouTube channel and let’s see where we go with it…

  5. Love how consistent Gary is, if you genuinely listen to what he says and actually follow through, the results show! I started a daily vlog on my channel and am releasing a personal brand business around helping people find their passions and double down on it, couldnt of done it without Garys videos. If i can give any advice to anyone watching or anyone first finding out who Gary is or for people who have been old time fans… Just go out and do! It works!!

  6. Covid-19…
    Brazil asks for help! We have more than 10 million informal workers without government assistance. They have been unable to work for 2 months.

  7. What do you think about big tech censorship, Gary?

  8. Great advice! This was a great group of guests. I appreciate your commitment to helping others.

  9. This one was beyond the most valuable! And I’ve watched every single one.

  10. Gary you're fucking amazing. I don't believe it's about your brain being faster, it's about your perspective being deeper so people tell you the surface problem and you directly see the root of it. it's a matter of your perspective that is deeper and higher straight from the start

  11. Some of y’all been following Gary for 3 weeks and it shows. How many times this man have to repeat himself. F*ck ( in my Gary V voice).

    Please take a moment and watch his old content. It’s really worth it. 🙏🏾

  12. Your definitely not flooding them,… took me out. Gary was serious af. 💯

  13. im a small yt chanel trying to get big and only you can do it

  14. 13 MINUTE COMMERCIAL INTERUPT , ….messed up.


  16. MAN GARY ALWAYS GETS ME PUMPED!!! And guys now is literally the best time to double down and focus on building your empires while everyone else is just sitting around watching netflix.. I know for me ebay has literally been printing me money the past couple weeks, probably cause so many people are stuck at home nowadays, so its a great time to start selling guys! PLUS thank you Gary for motivating me to start a youtube channel and share what I've learned with others along my journey as an entrepreneur, keep inspiring a generation my guy! 💪🔥🤑🖐

  17. Martin luther King held protest in front of his 2 most aggressive opponents [most likely linked to assassinations later] they water hosed and beat women & kids on camera helping to secure the senate vote against segregation… saw that the other week on Smithsonian by accident.. never been much into world history until it is presented clearly and concisely like that,excellent . Anyway, I think the moral for the pandemic is that the heightened dramas will still kill people & presidents again if they are not kept withing the representations/folds of societies progress! The most painful thing is the nonpartisan support has been the mostly tragically apparent thing is something like "why did we have to wait until everybody …250k were dying, to see real life/real humanity in action in the front lines etc….. on all all sides, religions, all opinions and ideologies!" ~ Sadhguru

    I think I genuinely got a perfect organic solution for media/brand promotion, create a showcase example brand run it publicly , along side your latest advice/social loop etc.. push prototype to high polished content/media/art/music/animation/food/crafts/foraging etc.. the #IsolationCreative at all levels connect/sync with emerging platforms and tech integration/pipelines/workflows/streamlined for an action first approach! Look towards the next gen light-footed admin of IP/IP exposure and direct leverage eg merch/spinoffs of IP over capital infrastructure/expense! Smart IP/Brands should jump at the chance to be part of a active showcase portfolio.. maybe modern media study and all the other formal stuff for extra bonus/still connected to legacy promoting angles ???

    I'm finally getting back to art and animation, It's really nice and relaxing 'work' away from all code/tech and have a 'few' ..other @rocits It's like "In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king" …lol On a global network of digital cocoons there can only b … 1=D lol

  18. That Borat Picture!!!!

  19. Ask and you shall receive. I shared Gary's All in Challenge video on my FB, Insta and YT 😉👍
    Want to grow, post more content. Quality is subjective, Quantity is not.
    Understand the difference between sales and brand. Most are chasing sales.
    Accountability leads to control of your life. Accept your shortcomings so you're not vulnerable.
    When you BS and blame others you become very unhappy.
    Humility and confidence means you're 100% in charge.
    Honesty. Look at the 2nd layer, what you really want.
    Give, give, give, then ask. Jab, jab, jab, right hook.

  20. Bro.. I'm confused why these vids have under 100k?

  21. Gary ver you amazing person!!❤️👑🙏

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