How Coronavirus will Change The Way People Think | Tea with GaryVee

How Coronavirus will Change The Way People Think | Tea with GaryVee

hope you are all enjoying the “Tea With GaryVee” Series! This was a great episode with a lot fo great questions and a special guest appearance from Jewel! Gary answers a lot of tactical questions around business and personal branding during the coronavirus and makes a lot of very interesting points on how coronavirus will change how people think and make decisions moving forward, both in life and in business. There is a lot of value here so please watch all the way through… Enjoy!


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48 Thoughts to “How Coronavirus will Change The Way People Think | Tea with GaryVee”

  1. Great….had this question in my Live stream just the other day

  2. yes! we are coming out of this with more resilience

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  5. Super cool! Been watching you for sometime now and I finally started my channel – Keep up the good work buddy!

  6. this moment in time was designed for you. you were even talking about an event like this last year

  7. this deal is insane. woah

  8. People gotta deal with themselves.

  9. Uploaded my first videos through lockdown thanks to you Gary 👌💯🙏

  10. Man I love you Gary V always my hype man, every time you talk to someone I feel like you are talking to me, grateful for you 🙏🏻💕

  11. OMG yes Gary V for president that would be insanely amazing

  12. Nice video love it ur the man. I have a YouTube channel too just posted my video really need some support 💯💯💯💯

  13. I listen to this at work while I master plan my way to fulfillment 🙏 helps to stay motivated and feel like I’m not alone on this journey. I wish everyone peace and prosperity. 💚😇

  14. Always Hustle Energy in Tea with Garyvee! Thank you Gary!

  15. 'ldeas are shit, Execution is the game" you are dead right about how lots of us are being caught up in the thinking process, wondering, planning strategies instead of just doing. Which brings me to changing my perspective about creating content from the top down instead of building from the bottom up. That just blew my mind. 2nd BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: Making the decision of being REAL to myself instead of trying to be someone I wish I was. Sharing my process from the place I'm at instead of the place I wish I was. Just being honest with myself and start from there. I was just talking about making the decision of fully committing to my instincts of what feels right for me right now, which is fully committing to my YouTube Channel, a project that llove and that is actually starting to grow; instead of what I think was the best or what had to be according to society, and then this video came across. Life is a very beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing yourself, Gary.

  16. Garyvee is the man I take his tips and I do so good on YT if you want you could check me YouTube out and subscribe if you want pls give feedback

  17. Good luck Benjamin Paille. What kind of trumpet playing. It's my favourite instrument. Deborah

  18. Access, before gary mentioned it I googled – look at the home page! Doing the shit he talks about

  19. "Do what the fuck Feels Right" Shared that on my Facebook from #garyvee on Twitter. After listening to Gary talk about connecting with admin to the decision-maker. Day-After-Day going to reach out to a different member of Garys team in the London Office till I hear back. Hungary to make plans for post Lockdown.

  20. It looks like Gary is doing exactly what he should’ve been doing about a month and a half ago. For a guy who claims to be a head of trends he was way behind the virus. Better late than never I guess

  21. Whoa, very nice to see Jewel!

  22. Jewel is amazing! I'm going to check out her website for those best practices.

  23. JEWEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  25. what kind of streaming software is Gary using? does anyone know?

  26. As fucked up as this sounds, Gary has been living for the day that corona hit.

  27. This one was very good!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much, Gary!!!!!!

  28. My favorite part of this show was : " Some lady ate a Bat & messed everything up, Where's your 5 yr. Plan now?" Lol !

  29. Universal Basic Income (UBI) so #WeThePeople can pay for our essentials (food, water, shelter) ✨#MagicBrad

  30. Gary u have inspired me to make a YouTube channel and if anyone in the comments wants to check it out please do

  31. GaryVee IS THE MANNN.I ve taken all of Gary's advice,jumped out of my comfort zone and i just creadted a youtube channel to follow my progress.I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out.peace

  32. Interesting point on Wills Situation. I'm actually planning a side hustle on the exact situation. I found my passion and Im going in. 💯

  33. LOVE this Gary, and there's never been a better time to double down and stay focused while most people just lope around and watch netflix all day, lets get it guys.. time to build your empires!! 💪🤑🔥🖐

  34. I know patience is the key, putting out all my shit for free…that shit is hard!!

  35. Your amazing Gary! The millionaire man with a hype, you've inspire me men to even put your teachings in my vlog to help my Filipino friends God bless 😎

  36. this is a dream package deals 01:00:00

  37. V

    why are ppl asking this guy? What expertise does he have?

  38. Love this guy here! Everything ive heard so far has seemed to be spot on. The world needs more people like this! A lot of these types of things today are not talked about and they need to be! This has inspired me so much to start my own channel for God! You tha man Gary Vee!

  39. Broooo this just re motivated me…🤙🏼🤙🏼 Aloha

  40. eis

    Dear Gary Vee please invite Richard Heart founder of HEX Token project to your live stream – would be amazing.
    BTW HEX did more than 50x against Bitcoin this year

  41. Omg what a treat!!!! Hey Jewel 💎 thank you for sharing such good info!!

  42. Hey Gary dude your the bomb I love your vids it’s great to see some faces! Your vids are extremely awesome and guys please give me some support on my YouTube channel!

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