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How Billionaires Got $637 Billion Richer During The Pandemic

How Billionaires Got $637 Billion Richer During The Pandemic

40 million Americans filed for unemployment during the pandemic, but billionaires saw their net worth increase by half a trillion dollars. This isn’t the first time billionaires have seen gains while others dealt with loss, and it tends to tie back to two things. First, the government disproportionately gives more aid to banks and corporations. Then, when the stock market bounces back, the unequal bailouts mean that the wealthy still have money on hand to invest and thus profit, while the middle and lower classes do not. Wealth-friendly tax laws and loopholes then keep those billionaires at the top. Knowing all of this, some are advocating for policies to help level the playing field and create change.

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How Billionaires Got $637 Billion Richer During The Pandemic


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30 thoughts on “How Billionaires Got $637 Billion Richer During The Pandemic

  1. Our countries politicians are so disgusting we need to get rid of every single on of the supreme court included.

  2. When you run out of inches on the ruler you don't make more inches. How does printing more money work?

  3. The question isn't how the rich got richer. the question is how to motivate the rich to share their wealth with their employees etc. No one needs the amount of money bill gates, jeff bezos, elon musk etc. have. They would pay fair wages, gives, bonuses, affordable health insurance, etc and their lifestyle would not change and neither would the lifestyle of their future generations (most likely).

    also when did large corporations become small businesses

  4. To say that Tarp gave 700 billion is factually inaccurate, this was actually changed to 475 billion through the Dodd-Frank Act during the Obama administration. Not that it changes anything but "struggling homeowners" ended up only receiving 45 billion in relief. Which still roughly equates to 10% of the total amount. Still a great video with good information. Is there any updated video to talk about how the amount has shifted to nearly 4 trillion since the start of the Covid pandemic?

  5. How capitalisation is bad. They paid billions to people for advertisement and they earn make millions by getting us distracted (like facebook, google) or we work for them with such less pay

  6. How much money do you really need

  7. No one uses Microsoft I don't get how there so rich

  8. They make more through YouTube and headlines.

  9. Sadly in the usa our politicians work for the rich so nothing will be done. They will keep sucking up all the wealth to the country collapses.

  10. These things are all made possible by corrupt politicians like Nancy Pelosi. You want to know who in Congress is corrupt just look who saw profit from covid 19.

  11. my question is different:
    why its not so uncommon for millionaires to double, triple multiply by tenfold their wealth
    and the same is not true for the forbes 100
    they do get astronomical profits from comoneer standpoint but its still just percentage….
    math induction fails here
    and if so – where is the breaking point and why

  12. Really sad and very greedy of these people. If America cared about workers in this country first and then profits , maybe … But with country the sky is limit on greed, greed and more greed

  13. The crypto market has been very lucrative lately and so far I’ve been able to build a big income stream investing with my broker Mrs. Mariam Sylvia, still hungry for more profits!

  14. Invest to make more money and increase your wealth,, Imagine the world without investment today.. How's it gonna be??

  15. Why does nobody understand that this is because people buy their stock.

  16. Rich got richer because the middle class keeps complaining, and yet, they still go back to those billionaires to buy their goods.

  17. Im so sick of all my hard earned tax money going towards lazy good for nothings who dont wanna work.

    You know, billionaires.

  18. I think they are selling a lot of things that a lot of people want
    I as a minimum wage worker never stopped working, because of my supermarket delivery job

    I'm not justifying any things that are wrong, but I think that simple logic, help us Lord in Jesus name
    I can't be for and against everything, because the Difference are variables!!!@ my opinion.
    If more people want or need water 💧 than to watch a movie in a movie theater or go to a sport game, the one who is selling what we all want and need is and will make a great killing or profit, the only problem is when abuse are the constant that will destroy the world 🌎 🤔

  19. Successfull people don't become that way overnight. most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  20. So government gives out money from people who pay taxes to people who don't pay taxes.
    Wake up people

  21. In America, the rich is like the favorite child of the family. And the 99%’s room is under the staircase.

  22. when i watch this, education sounds stupid

  23. Billionaire-itus is the pandemic

  24. jeff bezos is the devil

  25. Is this not disturbing to people? Does it not make you wonder about this pandemic and if there are actually motives behind this pandemic..?

  26. I boycotted Amazon from my life. People are stupid there is something wrong with people that is why it states majority of people are going to end up in HELL. Directly from the BIBLE.

  27. All of these things add up to: USA falling because if you only look after the wealthy and forget the poor, your 330,000,000 strong populace becomes 100,000,000 – if that – then your country operates on 100,000,000 rather than the economic powerhouse that it COULD be.

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