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I thought it was a good idea to take a step back with today’s video topic and talk about the big picture. This is for COMPLETE beginners who are confused on how Amazon FBA works, the process of Amazon FBA as a whole and want to learn it!

I hope this answers a lot of your questions on if you’re able to sell on Amazon from other countries and if it is for you. Hope this helps!

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44 thoughts on “How AMAZON FBA Works & How To Make MONEY From It! STEP-BY-STEP For BEGINNERS!

  1. Very nice sharing business idea..Thank you soo much…

  2. Amazing video man 👍 I have a question ⁉️ How much money is required for start private label ?

  3. Big problem you need to spend money for the the products, Dropshipping with Aliexpress is better option because you don't need to spend money for stock your store

  4. After you find a manufacturer and send the product to Amazon, do they sell it for you?

  5. Who’s responsible for the product photography, the seller or Amazon?

  6. How to send the purchased product to Amazon??

  7. @Avalone2 on telegram is the best plug man when it’s come to carding

  8. You drop ship without assuring the quality and follow his tip of not touching the product, your business dead immediately.

  9. all the products have to have my own label /logo?

  10. Can you still rebrand the products if you use the FBA route?

  11. Can this work from Trinidad and Tobago

  12. leo

    hey bro, thanks for putting up this vid! i'm from canada but was wondering if it would be worthwhile to sell using amazon usa if that is even possible? Thanks again….

  13. best way to post the product detail?

  14. Hi Derek, I have 2 questions.
    1. AMZscout / Helium10/ Junglescout dont work accurately for the Indian Amazon. What platforms can I use instead?
    2. What are the methods can I use to validate my research once I zero down on a product?

    Thanks in Advance! Love your videos! keep up the brilliant work.

  15. so when you buy the product from wholesaler do you have to purchase each unit out of your product out of pocket ?

  16. best video ever for me ..ive been looking and looking and now im subscribed…im video binging now

  17. How much is the investment cost? Initial amount to start?

  18. Is there any free course on Marketplace which will be helpfull?

  19. Does Amazon charge you for selling your products? And restrictions or hidden fees?

  20. 2:17 the explanation
    Just to save you time

  21. F B

    Anyone took his advice? How did it go?

  22. If you use FBA, do you have to use an item from Amazon? Or can you buy a product from a third party and resell it on Amazon?

  23. I like the videos and products shared by bloggers very much. The products are very practical and the videos are also very attractive. Now I sincerely invite you to cooperate with our company and promote our products together, so that more people can buy more good products

  24. This Is A Scam. I Put A Video On My Channel For The Real Way
    This Guy And Others Are Actually Earning They Money

  25. Do you have to list these products or advertise them yourself or does Amazon take care of that as well?

  26. Are you still active? I don’t see any recent videos.

  27. This is a scam. I put a video on my channel for the real way this guy and others are actually earning their money.

  28. Hey u jump step for explaining how the product from the supplier to Amazon fulfillment ? Is it we have to invest or buy first all the products to suppliers or after launch the product waiting customer to order first then order to suppliers 🙂 waiting ur reply 🙂 #learningofthis

  29. do we have to make a seller account and post the products description and photos after sending the items to amazon fba to make money or we dont have to?

  30. Why dont manufacturers sell directly to the amazon? and how we invoice amazon?

  31. I’m 15 and I just got started into this I made all my money back within the first year, I then began making 6 figures in 2020, I now have a Walmart and Amazon store

  32. I’m a little confused…if you have the product shipped directly from (wherever) to the amazon fulfillment center, how do they know who to pay for it? Is your information sent along with the product? How do they pay you? Etc.
    lots of questions..

  33. Watching from dubai. Love your video .. But you talk fast and some words can't understand 😁☺️.

  34. Want to know about u teaching me nascar1dad@yahoo.com

  35. This guy went to West High in Tracy I think he was in my math class.

  36. Wtf? Unlike everyone else they bullshit and beat around the bush you said it straight up , I’m gonna subscribe to ur course

  37. The problem is from where I will get the products as a teenager aged 17 !!

  38. Someone stated to buy from alibaba you need a business #? Anyine know about this? Also to have an Amazon business account is $40 a month? Can anyone confirm? Thank you

  39. How to calculate profit and margin on a product on Amazon in FBA mode? Are there any calculators, programs for this? Do I include the storage time for logos, packaging, etc. to the price of the product. And separately the costs of e.g. accountant, photographer, etc., and then calculate the profit?

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