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How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Will Make 1 Million Dollars During This 7 Minute Video

How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Will Make 1 Million Dollars During This 7 Minute Video

Learn about how the richest man in the world, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, earns his riches and is on his way to be the world’s first trillionaire.

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Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos Makes Announcement At Satellite 2019 Conference In DC
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Florida Prepares For The Arrival Of Hurricane Dorian
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Amazon : Illustration
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Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos Makes Announcement At Satellite 2019 Conference In DC
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Amazon Prime Day
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Amazon Prime Video Post Emmy Awards Party 2018 – Red Carpet
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The journey of success starts with one step – stock video
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Should we? – stock video
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Couple Carrying Sofa Into New Home On Moving Day – stock video
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Dollars Rain 4K Loop – stock video
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Businessman checking inventory in a digital tablet at a supermarket – stock video
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Greedy corrupt businessman demanding money, big hand holding out bunch of bills
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Conveyor Belt with Boxes – stock video
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33 thoughts on “How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Will Make 1 Million Dollars During This 7 Minute Video

  1. These rich people earned their frick’n money. I hate people that are jealous and think that they should get something for nothing.

  2. If you are a true fan of buzzfeed video subscribe to buzz feed and jay so blessed and also like this comemnt

  3. Good for Jeff Bezos. He is the personification of good decisions and hard work. That’s what it takes to be successful. Not complaining about how much someone else has and demanding that they give you some of it. “Hating” is not a profession.

  4. The mixing in this video is godawful

  5. His father regrets abandoning him as a child

  6. His net worth is now 188+ billion dollars. And that after his divorce, unbelievable.

  7. Hey Jeff I want to buy Amazon😂

  8. Couldn’t hear the narrator because the background music / sound effects were so loud!

  9. This is what I call success

  10. His net worth right now is like 173+ billion dollars but he cant pay his workers more than 15 bucks an hour.

  11. There is a bit of a hat trick here that is subtly buried in the discussion of money vs wealth. Incidentally Bezos still has billions of dollars in spending power on any given day. So its not to diminish that he's crazy rich. However Bezos did not make a million dollars during the video. His wealth increased by a value of 1 million dollars. He needs to keep his wealth invested in order to continue making 1 million every 7 mins. When Bezos goes to sell that stock he making money from money and deriving an unearned income from it. The important part here is he and everyone else with large investments will continue to increase their wealth by doing absolutely nothing. This is a problem not because he can claim some number to his wealth but because that ability to chose where his money is parked in stocks heavily influences our economy. Who gets employed, for what, with what pay and for what product produced all because he moved some numbers around in our economic system. That is fundamentally undemocratic.

  12. Great video content, terrible production. Feels like a high school student using Windows Movie Maker in 2005. Seriously its jarring having such good content and narration contrasted with.. that.

  13. And that’s good, it’s our economy. He prospered

  14. i want him to pay for my college tuition

  15. This being SHITFEED of course everything is wrong..

  16. HELLO. PEOPLE . Save your 7-minutes. . This video is poor quality the guys talking fast very low and there's too much background noise go find something else to do……..👍😎😁

  17. I'm not sure who's made this video.. but wouldn't you want it really hear your video how it sounds before you send it on YouTube ??
    First off the guy speaking very low there's too much background noise & . Even if I could hear it the guy is talking too fast are you on a time limit there???? .poor
    Quality video..👎👎

  18. He has so much money but still barely donates. Very weird

  19. Jeff bezos is Not the richest man in the world

  20. The music in this video is too loud. You can barely hear the voiceover.

  21. But if I double the speed of the video…

  22. Old numbers. Now he is worth 175 billion

  23. instead of sulking and worrying about how much more money the other person is making than you, focus on yourself. There is no get rich quick. save up and invest your money, let it work for you as well. I've been doing it for 5 years, and now im just starting to see results.

  24. How do u know that I won't make a milion dollars in my entire life lol

  25. Most of his wealth is tied to the company. There is no way he will spend it all that's the companies money not his. Most of it is tied to the stock.

  26. Aside from all the great information the music is louder than the your voice that is wrong since I'm not here for the background music I'm here for the information.

  27. Wish I could get155.000. To. Pay off my house. It would help me aot

  28. There use to be a time in which people hold real moral values. They destroyed those values and now there is not limit for their greed. Of course they will be supporting every liberal cause that are making normal people confronting normal people

  29. He has his liberal newspaper, and support all type of liberal causes. I wonder why?? America wake up!!

  30. Hope the Amazon dude passes on this money to his employees

  31. Buzzfeed just made me feel like crap at the end there 😂😂😂

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