Hostinger WordPress Tutorial: Optimize Your Hostinger Account! [2020]

In this Hostinger WordPress tutorial, I’ll show you how to install WordPress using hPanel, how to get a free SSL certificate, create a business email address and optimize your Hostinger website.
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Hostinger doesn’t come with the standard cPanel. So, many people might have trouble learning how to install WordPress on Hostinger and how to optimize everything for the best possible performance. Hostinger services don’t always include a free SSL certificate as well. However, in this Hostinger WordPress tutorial, I’ll go over everything you need to know step by step. And by the end, you should have a fully optimized WordPress website, that has an SSL installed together with a professional business email.

Intro – 00:00
How to Buy Domain and Web Hosting – 0:43
How to Install WordPress – 1:42
How to Secure Website with bought SSL Certificate – 2:15
How to Get a Free SSL Certificate- 2:45
Website Optimization – 4:15
How to Create a Professional Business Email Address – 5:15
Conclusion – 6:15

Getting Hostinger Services

Hostinger is currently one of the cheapest web hosting companies that still provide an acceptable level of quality. They’re a great budget choice when you need web hosting. You can get their plans with a 10% discount by using the link below. Follow this Hostinger WordPress tutorial and optimize your website!

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How to install WordPress on Hostinger?

You’ll want to access your Hostinger control panel called the hPanel first. You can do so by clicking here and logging in –
Next to the hosting plan you’ve purchased click “Manage” and then find the “Auto Installers” option.
Once you click “Auto Installers” WordPress will be one of the options. All you need to do is type in your website title and choose a user name & password that you’ll use to log into WordPress.
After the installation is finished you’ll see a new menu appear. By clicking on the WordPress icon you’ll be taken to your WordPress control panel.
How to get free SSL on Hostinger?

Most of the time a free SSL is part of your hosting package when buying a plan. However, if it isn’t don’t worry. In this Hostinger WordPress tutorial, I’ll show you how to get an SSL for free.

If your plan came with a free SSL you can activate it very easily by going to your Hostinger control panel and logging in
Navigate to the SSL section & click on Install. That’s it!

If your plan didn’t come with free SSL you’ll need to do some extra work. You’ll need to install and activate your SSL certificate using Cloudflare CDN and WordPress plugins.

Register for a free account.
Cloudflare will give you new nameservers to use. You’ll need to point your domain name to the new nameservers
Inside Cloudflare control panel go into the SSL/TLS section and choose the “Flexible” option. Then in “Edge Certificates” activate the “Always use HTTPS” option.
Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and install 2 plugins (Cloudflare Flexible SSL and Really Simple SSL)
Activate both plugins and you’ll have a free SSL for a lifetime.
How to optimize your Hostinger WordPress website?

I like Hostinger because even though they offer low prices, they try to optimize for speed as much as possible. Your automatic WordPress installation comes together with LiteSpeed cache plugin. Normally, you would need to use a Quic CDN for this plug-in to work. But, Hostinger has Lite optimized servers. So, you can use LiteSpeed Cache right off the bat.

Once you’re done creating your website. I recommend you access your WordPress dashboard and activate LiteSpeed Caching as well as image optimization. This will make your website faster & lighter. A great feature to have.
How to create a business email for free?

All Hostinger plans come with a free email box that you can use to create a professional-looking business email accounts. And it’s quite simple to do so.

Log into your Hostinger control panel
Find a section called “Email Accounts”
And simply type in the password and the name you want to use for your email address.
You can now manage your email straight through Hostinger or something like Thunderbird.
I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any hosting provider. This means I might make money when you purchase hosting services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. All of my opinions on this channel are always my own!


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