He’s been selling books longer than me! | Reezy Talks #092

He’s been selling books longer than me! | Reezy Talks #092

I had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with 2 major sellers in the book game. This is great information for both new and experienced book resellers on Amazon as well as other platforms.

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12 Thoughts to “He’s been selling books longer than me! | Reezy Talks #092”

  1. Truly an honor to sit with these giants in the industry!

  2. Throwing sheets over tables to claim them is genius. 😂 Good idea to just buy them all. Why stand and waste time scanning. Buy, then move on to the next place.

  3. I’m thinking about how I can swing that with regular folks. Like can I take your junk u don’t want off your hands? Those junk guys charge at least a few hundred bucks. I’m not charging anything to take all your crap u don’t want. Then sort through for the valuable stuff and trash, recycle and donate the rest.

  4. Reezy at the tym of scanning and sourcing the books , sometimes the Amazon seller app shows no used books then can we sell used book or not ??

  5. Is FBA going to get harder to get unrestricted in 4th quarter? Heard something about that

  6. "I'm sorry I didn't know I couldn't do that" 😂😂😂

  7. Book is one of the best product to sell. Encountered a lot of sellers that made a lot of money from it. They only need good books and good marketing to make a good profit.

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