Health Insurance In Dominican Republic | International Health Insurance

Health Insurance In Dominican Republic | International Health Insurance

Are you wondering about health insurance in Dominican Republic? You have a choice to purchase International Health Insurance or the Local Dominican Insurance. In this video I breakdown the difference in the two. The most important point is you want to have insurance coverage living in Dominican Republic. You do not want to depend on the Public Healthcare system in Dominican Republic. Enjoy.

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21 Thoughts to “Health Insurance In Dominican Republic | International Health Insurance”

  1. Do you need health insurance when living in Dominican Republic? The short answer is YES. You do not want to depend on Dominican Republic’s public healthcare system. In the video I talk about International Health Insurance and Local Dominican Health Insurance so you decide which one is best for you. If you like videos like this you can watch more of my Dominican Culture videos here

  2. You are amazing! You have a book and everything! You are definitely focused. I talk to a Dominican women I met her on Instagram (sounds like a Catfish episode lol). But yes I think it's great you are doing everything in your power to help with getting others to understand your culture. I am excited to see you grow and see you get testimonials, build friendships, and possibly be a counselor for any Dominican people moving to the US or US people moving to The Dominican Republic. I got away from the point of the video but I am a subscriber now after watching a few of your videos. Que Dios te bendiga en tu viaje 😊

  3. Very information, news that I can and will use! Thank you!

  4. Heeey Norberis, I enjoy your sincerity. Maybe you could jump on this very soon since it will apply to many. I am planning on coming to the Dominican Republic very soon. Beside maybe the hospital, where can you get a Covid19 test? Preferably a place with quick enough results, that if you test positive you may determine to quarantine there before exposing more people before you return to your home country. Maybe a clinic or pharmacy in the major cities in the DR.

  5. Great content, I’m learning more and more everyday. I wish you could grant me citizenship papers 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Obtenga seguro de salud, no dependa de Gofundme por favor🙏🏿

  7. Does santiago airport open on July 2?

  8. Love Dominican Republic Afro Dominicana

  9. Good video as always my friend ….the Sanford and Son clip was good touch! Lol

  10. Is it better and more cost efficient to get insurance down their when I arrive in get it in advance. Are there local places that I can buy it?

  11. Hola mi amiga. Great content as usual. 2 years ago while vacationing in DR I was out exercising & tore my quadriceps tendon in my right knee & had to go to the hospital there. Although I had my health coverage cards with me the hospital didn’t accept my coverage & I had to wind up paying out of pocket for an X-Ray, & cast. I had to pay almost $400 & when I got back home applied for reimbursement & wound up getting less than $100 after all the fees were deducted. I don’t travel without travel insurance now because of that mishap & highly recommend it.

  12. Thanks for the video. Good topic to cover. 🇩🇴💪🏾✊🏾✊🏼

  13. Ty for the information. Can you provide actual websites? I only found info for Palic.

  14. Thanks Norberis, another very helpful video. Keep them coming. I was told though that local health insurances do not actually cover anyone for the first 2-3 months. In other words, say that I sign for an insurance and start paying for it today, if something happens to me and I need medical care in the next month or two, the local insurance will refuse the cover the medical costs, even if included in the plan. It seems that they want people to have had the insurance (paid for it) for at least 2-3 months before they are willing to cover for any medical expense. This applies to both residents/citizens and visitors. Someone told me this, do you think it really works like this? Because I am planning to travel to DR in September and ideally I would buy the insurance only then, but if this sort of informal rule applies, I would buy it today, that is 2-3 months before so that I know they'll fully cover me starting from September. Thank you!

  15. I'm gonna have to watch this again. At my age 35 I'm thinking about going frequently to the DR and I do not want to rely on the public hospitals. I would rather have local insurance and use my health savings account from the USA.

  16. Kloke Mami!!! I can’t wait to move to Santo Doming in 5 years. Muchas gracias for all your content.

  17. Alway great info thank you….I girlfriend in Santo Domingo want to sell clothes.. I’m asking you because you lived in Santo Domingo she says she can make very good money selling clothes.. I no it not easy selling clothes.. but she said she can do it.. I offered to buy her a motorcycle she said no she want to sell clothes .. I’m asking you for your opinion good or bad what you think…

  18. You provide great information for someone thinking about moving to your country. Thanks again

  19. Wow, very good advice. I learn something new and valuable every time I come here. Hopefully my trip there will be on in a couple of months. If so I'll check out the local insurance. Please continue with these much needed informative videos.

  20. Excellent topic definitely interested in health coverage!

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