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Guide for Beginners: How to Use Twitter for Affiliate Marketing – How to Make Money Online

Guide for Beginners: How to Use Twitter for Affiliate Marketing – How to Make Money Online

Guide for Beginners: How to Use Twitter for Affiliate Marketing – How to Make Money Online. http://www.bestprofitsonline.com/myblog/

Many affiliate marketers are using Twitter to drive traffic to their sales pages. With Twitter, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of people pretty fast and build large communities focused entirely around your product and website.

Twitter is now the easiest way to access many people with minimal effort and build visible brand loyalty on the web. All you have to do is post short and interesting, quality, posts linking to your web page and the response level can be very large.

How to Start on Twitter

The first step then using Twitter is obviously to set up an account – this is easy and you just need a name, password, email- all the usual stuff.

Don’t make your Twitter profile sound too corporate. Give yourself a real personality. So make sure you have something interesting or useful to say in order to build up your followers.

Follow other Tweeters

You should then start to follow a few different people – this can be friends, favorite celebrities, niche audience or any of the wonderful selection of people you’ll find on Twitter.

Also, sign up to the best feeds in your own niche, and probably also in affiliate marketing to help you make an impression in your industry. By doing this people will start to check out your own feeds and if they are interesting enough might even subscribe.

People are always interested to see who’s following them so it’s an easy way to get some immediate exposure.

Creating your posts

Obviously, if you’re aiming for exposure you need something for potential customers to be exposed to. You need to be as interesting, witty, useful, relevant, up to date, intelligent, etc. as possible – this might mean presenting a controversial opinion on a relevant topic for example.

The more that’s happening and the more you involve your readers the better your results will be. If you can also provide value to your followers then they will keep coming back to read and check out what you have to say.

Promotional Tweets

After a while, once you have a reasonable following, you can start to incorporate the promotional tweet into your campaign. Don’t oversell yourself but just intrigue somebody with a conversational but also preselling introduction to whatever your site content is about.

If your content is great then people will follow you. Just don’t push your valuable followers straight to one of those fake, unrealistic get rich quick schemes for example.

Also, you need to avoid going into this stage of the process too early – if you don’t have enough followers, or your fan base is growing, just be patient. This may take a few months of regularly tweeting but you will only appear as an affiliate marketer, rather than an expert in the niche if you do go in to early with sales promotion.

In fact, your quality content really sells the product itself so you don’t need to use any sales promotion on Twitter, only website promotion. The secret to success is interaction and high-quality content.
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