GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM USING STORIES – the ultimate guide 2019

GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM USING STORIES - the ultimate guide 2019

With the recent Instagram updates, we know that Instagram wants us to focus a lot more on stories. They’re even including your stories in the explore page now, so that shows us that there is something going on.

In this video I’ll show you my biggest Instagram story hacks to actually boost your engagement, get more instagram story views and push the stories algorithm to hit it big.

These Instagram story hacks are actually real hacks, content hacks to use to build a REAL AND MEANINGFUL CONNECTION with your audience. So watch this video if you’re really into growing your instagram account for real using stories for real followers that actually care about you.

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Here’s the hashtag tool I use:


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Also, cause the question has been popping up lately a few times, here’s some resources I use daily that transformed my personal brand, business and life:

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38 Thoughts to “GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM USING STORIES – the ultimate guide 2019”

  1. What's the most followers you got from your stories? 🤟🏽

  2. Getting 17k story views and my account has 100k followers

  3. I feel like the algorithm may have changed again. After your first video I was getting 100 views in my stories. But now it’s 20.

  4. U need to go to acting class. Because u don't lie well.

  5. Need to focus more on stories ! Thanks ! Anybody in here feel free to sub to my page, appreciate the support, always show the peace and love back !

  6. Man I want to be honest with you, Instagram is trying to make a platform where in order to grow your followers or visibility or whatever that's related to "growth" part you have to pay them to promote your content. The shocking part is they aren't giving any messages to those people who buy fake followers likes to grow their pages..I think we need to open fake followers and likes services to make millions instead of telling people the good stuff 😂 à

  7. Thank you! I always love your videos!

  8. Hey man, can u make a video more in depth about making the right funnel ! I really like your account and learned so much already !

  9. Enter your tag below to join a dm group 👌

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this. I appreciate your energy


  12. Hey dominik why my like and views not increase btw my posts is on the explore page can you explain to me ? btw im a selebgram

  13. Man is my engagement messed up. MESSED…UP. Hashtags have dropped to an embarrassing low, hit that plateau in followers. My pain…my soul….that jacket! 😜

  14. How much time do i leave in between stories? Eg 30 mins between start, middle, end?

  15. I can only get around 2k view with stories despite having around 24k followers : / quite discouraging and i've tried alot of the stuff I see in Youtube about stories

  16. I sometimes use 1-3 hashtags as a text on my stories and hide them but your right about trying out lots of stuff.

  17. Lyrics is out and I used it the first day and received more views than normal and people were dm'ing me how I did it

  18. awesome Tipps! my stories are growing since the last couple of days while on the other side the likes on my posts are not that much as usual, so thank you for your Video! I like the look of your videos a lot btw, its really cinematic! Greets from germany ☺️

  19. you are a king 😎😎🔥

  20. Writing notes ✍🏾 😳👀😁💡

  21. I cant post any videos anymore ! I can post pictures like follow everything just cant post videos ! Anybody knows whats happening ?

  22. Hey dominic, so do u think its smart to make your viewers engage on your story to make it go viral ?

  23. We are still getting the report . It is already one week. I can’t go and follow anyone. Who has the same problem? My Producer career is stocked because of this.

  24. hashtags on stories wont work on my instagram account i have still the same number

  25. The lyrics feature is here in the states

  26. I get on my post I get 15k to 20k views and on my story I get 5k views so I'm doing ok

  27. Great info Dominik. Instagram master

  28. Dominic I’m a dj so the content my audience wants to see is me djing and making music…sure I can make stories of me walking my dog of dancing with some girl but it’s useless they want music. How can always be putting stories up everyday if I’m busy working on music? Any tips or tricks besides just making stories of me in the studio or stories of me djing in the club last weekend or stories of songs and related adds as stories ? Looking for new ideas and stuff thanks

  29. Dominik what are the best app for hashtags cuz my post engagement is down

  30. I have 20,4k followers…how can I grow more than that?

  31. Got 15 likes on a post, but on my story got over 125 views. Smh lol

  32. sub me plz i nedd to go 1000…..
    GOD BLESS you if u do !!!

  33. Bro i request u plz make a detailed really deep video of using hastags in 2019 using free tools. I am newbie and i have no money to use paid tools. I have watched major videos and they all say same thing but i like your style of teaching. You have also video about hashtag but i can't get point. Love you and plz plz complete this request plz.

  34. I get a high engagement on my stories, but low on my posts. I don’t get it.

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