Grow Your Instagram Music Account | Best Instagram Marketing Strategy

Grow Your Instagram Music Account | Best Instagram Marketing Strategy

Grow your Instagram music account simply and quickly with these FREE tips that work for any musician, not matter what your genre.

Instagram is currently the leading social media platform, so it’s key you’re growing your following, securing an engaged audience, which will lead to being able to increase streams and ticket and merch sales but also attract the major labels.

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16 Thoughts to “Grow Your Instagram Music Account | Best Instagram Marketing Strategy”

  1. learning so much from you guys!

  2. I have felt for a couple of years now that Instagram is the way I can break through. It's good to know I was going in the right direction. Thanks for the great tips! I'll be sure to keep raising the quality of my content.

  3. I like the DM your followers tip, but I've noticed that when I use music related hashtags I am followed by other musicians who, if I don't follow them back unfollow me a day later. Is it still worth DMing people who clearly are not really interested in my posts? I follow back only if I'm genuinely interested, maybe that's my bad?

  4. Absolutely love your content❤️ What camera do you use for these vids?

  5. Hey guys, do you know of an app for Android that allows me to create the red progress bar at the bottom for instagram videos? Thankyou

  6. Rap artist here in the states, great advice!

  7. i havent commented on a video yet. but i feel the need to now. i have went through the entire channel gaining more and more knowledge of marketing. right now, i know little to nothing, but with your videos i am learning and improving. thank you.

  8. Wow i needed so much this video. I just started to share my music & i still kind of confused about what to do lol

  9. incredibly true. im so jealous of that outfit Maddy. you are so dope ☣️

  10. IKE

    I really fuck with you guys.

  11. Awesome tips! Thank You😍

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