Great Weekend of Ebay Sales | Dollar Tree Haul | Reseller Vlog

Great Weekend of Ebay Sales | Dollar Tree Haul | Reseller Vlog

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ABOUT ME: My name is Ann, and welcome to my YouTube channel (formerly called SeeAnnSave)! I am a writer, blogger, YouTube creator, bargain hunter, Ebay seller, and Walt Disney World fanatic. I am also a pug mom and a caregiver for my dad.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video. Everything shown was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. Links may contain affiliates/referrals.


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33 Thoughts to “Great Weekend of Ebay Sales | Dollar Tree Haul | Reseller Vlog”

  1. Ann you seriously have the cutest "dog" voice. I honestly think you could do voices for dogs in a cartoon. Love when you "talk" your pugs. Adorable!

  2. That's it…I'm going to my little corner and pout! So many sales! Shame….shame….

  3. Ohhh Ann, the blue tray was adorable!

  4. Laughing to much, “who wants some underpants “😂

  5. The Bacn Bits aren't real bacon. Its flavored TVP (textured vegetable protein) so you really don't need to refrigerate them unless you like to 🙂 I love Dollar Tree

  6. Im from vietnam.Hope you will follow me. 😁

  7. Those bacon bits are SO good like this: slice of bread, slice of American Cheese, sprinkle the Bacos on, broil under the broiler til bubbly – yummy!. NFL Football jerseys are okay to sell? No Vero? I have a couple I want to get listed, but don't want to get in trouble …Great weekend sales for you YAY!

  8. And I thought I was the only person in the world who doesn't like pizza! 🍕Cute chocolate with the pugs. As a kid we had a pug named Rusty. 😊 And sticker collages sound like fun! It's always a good feeling to purge things and make room for other things. Hope your Papa is showing improvement. Take care & hope Spring arrives soon! 🦋🌼☀️🐇

  9. Palmers is made here in Sioux City! I agree some stuff is weird but Twin Bings are the best!

  10. Hi Anne. Great blog. Let papa know he makes our day when we can can peek in any say hello if just for a moment. And to Charlie n Lucy too! They all brighten the day! God bless n Thank you!😊

  11. I would kill to be near a Home Goods with a Dollar Tree next to it. Lucky you.

  12. Enjoyed the video!!! 👍🏻
    Hope Papa is doing better!!! Prayers for you, Papa, Charlie, and Lucy!!!

  13. Hi, I haven't watched any of your videos yet, that you shot outside of your house. Today is the 1st time I've seen you in natural daylight, you have beautiful skin. Also, I love the Bin pickers, and when they make grammatical mistakes and say "ask Ann". Haha!

  14. My husband hates pizza too, there are more of you out there  🙂  Great sales

  15. I don’t like pizza either! We must be the only two. Lol

  16. So glad sales are good. Oh my!! Chocolate and Pugs!! Doesn’t get any better.

  17. I love Palmers! I go directly to the corporate store in Sioux City and buy bulk candies there; it is such a treat! And omigosh, Twin Bings!

  18. I love how you love your Papa!

  19. Great Sales Congrats. Keep making that 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤩. You Deserve it. Hugs and prayers and Positive Vibes For Papa. I sure hope he’s eating. God Bless him he had to just gotten home. Take care and Stay and Drive Safe.

  20. I assume you're a chocolate snob – lol. Why shouldn't you buy batteries at Dollar Tree? Consumers Digest recommends them. Good to see Papa. He's looking good. How's he feeling since his latest fall?

  21. OMG Ann Please Save me the flatware that has straight handles and a point on the end. My mom gave me my mom and dads set from when they were married and I’m missing some. And those are my pride and joy. Please let me know when you list them. “Pretty Please”! Awesome I will buy them from you. It was the 1st box you showed mixed silverware. You are awesomeSauce. I can’t believe you found them. I’m stoked

  22. Hey Ann I have a ? In regards to your purse you sold that was bid up🤑. I have a ton of Brand Name purses and vintage ones from my mom. I was seriously thinking of doing a big lot. Yet; I’m stoked you received 51$ for it. May I ask you what you started the bid off at. I’ve browsed your store awhile back but I don’t watch because then that leads you to believe someone is interested. Thanks for you input if you have time.❤️🙏🤑🤑🤑🤑🤗🤩Make that $$$ Girlfriend. Even though we’ve never met. I’d love to meet you the next time you come down to FL to Disney.👍👍👍👍👍 You have taught me so much and I want to say Thank you for putting your videos out.

  23. We only buy our batteries at the Dollarama, never had any issues with them not working or leaking.

  24. Hope Papa's procedure has alleviated some of the pain he's having. Little Caesar's will make anyone hate pizza! Most any mom and pop would be better. ; )

  25. Have you ever thought about having a summer yard sale for those items that don't sell? You would not have to pay shipping or fees and you could have a $1 or $2 or $5 box to save on all the work of labeling. Or you could have a sale where everything is a $1 that just might draw attention to your sale. Just an idea–and it certainly would make an interesting video, too!

  26. When you go from charging shipping to free shipping, how do you fix that? Do you change each item? Seems you couldn’t bulk change. Ecause you’d need to get price to reflect free shipping. I do it on first class but afraid to do hard hoods FS

  27. Great video! Love you,Papa and pugs!

  28. I'm at work, so I haven't watched the video yet. But I'm thrilled you had great sales this weekend!!!!☺

  29. Have to admit I used to love the Palmers stuff. And I’m not a pizza fan either but will eat it if someone is buying ! 🤣 Great sale sale on the purse!

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