GOODWILL IS OPEN! I Found So Much to Sell on eBay and Amazon FBA!

GOODWILL IS OPEN! I Found So Much to Sell on eBay and Amazon FBA!

I’m back to Goodwill and thrift stores again! Looking for awesome stuff that is selling on eBay and Amazon FBA. I end up finding some incredible items to flip! Check out my Goodwill haul!

All items in this video are cleaned, tested, and then sold on Amazon or eBay. I judge where I sell my items based on price, condition, and competition. My eBay sales have tripled over the past month and I want to keep feeding the beast now that thrift stores are open again.



I’m Wick and I am a reseller for a living. I find things at garage sales, thrift stores, and even clearance at retail stores to sell. I do online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, and buy locally. While the majority of my business is done through Amazon FBA, I also sell on eBay or anywhere else I can flip the junk that I find.

I also trade stocks and futures, do affiliate marketing, and Merch by Amazon to make money online. My goal is to live a free life away from the typical 9-5 job.

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Thrifting bolos –


Q: What Apps do you use to sell online (eBay and Amazon)?

A: I search the eBay sold and completed listings to get an idea of what products are selling for. I use the Amazon Seller App to scan for FBA.

Q: Can you make a living selling online?

A: Yes, the difficulty is based on how much effort you put in and how much you need to make each month. I do this full time.

Q: Where do you find your clearance products to resell?

A: Literally everywhere. Check end caps and look for clearance aisles, but mostly it will be mixed in. Ask a manager if there’s any good clearance deals and build a relationship if possible.

Q: Do you make a full-time living selling online?

A: I do. All my bills are covered, I’m able to save a good amount, and put money back into the business. I also do other things to make money, but reselling is the meat. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make a full-time living reselling.

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34 Thoughts to “GOODWILL IS OPEN! I Found So Much to Sell on eBay and Amazon FBA!”

  1. I went to my GW, I sourced mainly clothes and shoes. Prob won't go back for a while.

  2. Lucky, our local goodwill has been closed since March 15th

  3. Your GWs are amazing! So many CDs!

  4. My local Goodwills never closed. I've made a killing the past two months.

  5. I am in Ontario, Canada and they are just starting to open a few places- garden centers, car lots, etc
    I think thrift store will be awhile yet from what I hear. When they do, I am more than ready. Love watching you going through the stuff. Makes me miss it more though.Good luck to you in your treasure hunting!

  6. Nice Finds! My goodwill opened also, someone shopping had the nerve to put their hand in my cart and touch one of the items i had in there just to ask me what it was. That's a no no before corana virus but definitely a no no now, Wish i got it on video since i was filming that day. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Our goodwill don’t put out nothing new all day now

  8. Attababy- good stuff kid!!!!!

  9. I think Ninja Wick is good for business!

  10. Hey Wick how are you?
    What sourcing apps. Do you use? Are you exclusively using The Amazon & eBay apps. and no 3rd party apps.? (I forget)

    Long term subscriber here. Love the channel!


  11. Part out those bread makers and 4x your money

  12. What State are you in? I didn't see other people in the Goodwill with you. Was it empty?. Stay Safe

  13. You may want to mask your labels. Someone can magnify the screen to see your address.

  14. You really did find a ton of stuff. 😎πŸ–₯πŸ‘

  15. Always get a cart first man! lol

  16. dude just grab a cart on the way in. I hate the feeling when I spot something and my hands are already full and I have to run up and grab a

  17. Wick, always, Always, ALWAYS get a cart when you go into a thrift store. I swear, if you lose an item due to having to go get a cart then you deserve to lose that item. I have no sympathy for you losing that dinosaur. You should have picked it up and put it into your cart. WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? It's not rocket science. Use a cart and then you have BOTH hands to look stuff up. C'mon, man…you're smarter than that. I swear. Don't make that mistake again, bro.

  18. Ninja wick did awesome out there

  19. Still gotta wait a week. Gonna be incredible to sift through months worth of donations showing up constantly. Cant wait. Great finds

  20. This isn't a hateful comment towards you. But I thought you were muslim when I saw the thumbnail. lol I need to sleep more.

  21. Nice score – hope they will open soon in CA.

  22. I'm still waiting for Louisiana to open up. I hope they are stocked like this when they do open.

  23. I'm in Indiana and finally went to goodwill today. It wasn't great but I just looked at the clothing. I have a Question-how do you remove these stickers without damaging the plastic? I bought hot tamales peeps on clearance because they were selling on eBay but I think I'd melt the plastic if I use a hair dryer? Is there a better way?

  24. Those yellow little tikes chairs are great to bundle with other little tikes table and chairs if you're willing to hold on to them. I do that throughout the summer and end up selling big sets for good money come fall.

  25. Our opened today and it was busy

  26. what state are you in that your GW is open now?

  27. Wow, picking is so easy at your Goodwills. So many people donating new stuff and it actually makes it to the shelves instead their website. Almost makes me want to drive across the country to restock my inventory.

  28. Hopefully California isn’t too far behind. I miss the thrift stores. 😷 Thanks for a look at the good old days.

  29. Glad you are back thrifting! Thanks for being safe and wearing the mask!

  30. Nice! Patiently waiting for goodwill to open back up in my area went on the shop goodwill website and found a few things but it's just not the same

  31. Cali still has em closed 😒

  32. I feel your stress when you have to leave the puzzles and go get the cart I really miss picking.

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