Going Over eBay Metrics on MY Manual eBay Dropshipping Account METRICS ARE IMPORTANT YT VID

Going Over eBay Metrics on MY Manual eBay Dropshipping Account    METRICS ARE IMPORTANT YT VID

Hey guys, thank you so much for tuning into this video! In this Manual eBay Dropshipping Tip Video I will be going over the account metrics that make up your overall standing on eBay & also how eBay ranks your account & what variables make up your “Standing” on eBay as a Manual eBay Dropshipper. Thank you so much for watching this & I really hope I have brought you value & you learned something from this content! eBay doesn’t really do a good job in my opinion on informing their sellers about the metrics that make up their account standing so I figured I would make a video for anyone who thinking about starting to Manual eBay Dropship & that way you start dropshipping on eBay with the correct perspective on your metrics & how much they really effect your account! thank you for the love & support as always!

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A little bit about myself & this channel & Amazon FBA. My name is Andrew Giorgi & I have been selling books on Amazon since the 2nd week of September of 2018. Some people call this retail arbitrage & you can also do this form of arbitrage online ; Online Arbitrage. The purpose of this channel is to educate you on how to sell books & other products on Amazon through the fulfillment program called FBA. I upload the YouTube Videos on Amazon FBA & How to sell on Amazon FBA to simply demonstrate to people that selling online & ecommerce is not difficult & it is much more simple than people think, it just has to be broken down correctly. I want to give value as much as possible & teach you as a beginner how to sell on amazon fba & how to get started with selling online & utilize one of the biggest ecommerce shopping platforms that is growing in today’s era. Amazon takes up 58% of e-commerce sales right now & now is the BEST time to learn how to sell on amazon! This is also the best business model I feel because it is the lowest cost of entry out of all the business models that Amazon FBA offers. I hope you enjoy the content & subscribe if you want to see more of it! I am so grateful for you watching my content & supporting me if you do. Thank you.


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